The Ultimate Guide to CollaPay: Best Payment Gateway 2022 | Malaysia Domain | SEO

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The Ultimate Guide to CollaPay: Best Payment Gateway 2022 | Malaysia Domain | SEO

Why Should You Choose CollaPay?

The digital transformation has led to a surge in the e-commerce industry despite the world still recovering from the COVID-19 crisis. Moreover, the pandemic has accelerated the shift from physical stores to online shopping as more consumers prefer to shop online nowadays. Hence, businesses and merchants are now utilizing the online payment gateway as one of the methods that can support online and offline transactions.

CollaPay is the newest online payment gateway in the market which offers countless benefits for businesses and merchants. This online payment gateway is built with consumers’ experience in mind for secure and seamless online and offline transactions at anywhere and any time of the day. With over 3 types of Online Solution Packages (Silver/Gold/Platinum) available, it is the best choice for any business and merchant when choosing the perfect Malaysian payment gateway.

This article provides you with a complete list of the benefits of why you need to choose CollaPay as your preferred online payment gateway. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the topic!

Benefits of CollaPay Payment Gateway

1. Fast Approval

With CollaPay, merchants can get their payment gateway activated within 7 business days. As we believe that time is crucial for every business flow, CollaPay facilitates a fast and seamless payment gateway integration experience for all. Hence, we have ensured that the registration and documentation process is simple and free (for Silver Plan).

2. Low Transaction Fees

CollaPay offers affordable and reasonable rates as we believe in helping businesses and merchants to grow. The fee charges for any e-commerce platforms that use CollaPay as their payment gateway are extremely low, starting at 1.40% per transaction.

3. Zero Setup Fees

CollaPay tries to provide merchants with zero setup fees unlike other payment gateways that charge large sums on setup accounts. The setup fees are waived for Silver Plan to help merchants start their online business without contemplating whether or not to pursue CollaPay as their choice of payment gateway.

The yearly maintenance fee and Payment Gateway Credit Card Application fee for all plans (Platinum/Gold/Silver) are also waived so that businesses’ and merchants’ don’t have to worry too much about the fees that need to be paid.

4. Support Various Payment Methods and Shopping Carts

CollaPay supports payment methods via Visa/Credit/Debit cards, online banking, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), and e-wallets. BNPL is offered to participating businesses and merchants. Owing to its efficiency and convenience when shopping online, it is gaining popularity as a choice of payment method among consumers. With BNPL, consumers can make purchases using upfront payment and pay the remainder off later at a future date with zero interest fees.

Consumers also have the option to use their e-wallet to scan QR codes at retail stores for offline payments. CollaPay also lets participating businesses and merchants integrate shopping carts to handle orders, inventory, and other e-commerce tasks without any consultation or activation fees. 

Below is the list of payment methods and shopping carts offered:

Credit Card/Debit Card:

Online Banking/QR:


Buy Now Pay Later:

Shopping Carts:

CollaPay is The Next Big Thing!

At , we constantly strive to provide the best for our customers’ satisfaction and happiness. Our top priority is to ensure that every business can grow, and that is why we introduced CollaPay to our clients. With CollaPay, we believe it will bring significant transformation to the payment landscape by ensuring that every transaction is rolling smoothly and securely. 

So, look no further because CollaPay is finally here to help you enjoy a more frictionless experience for buying and selling things. We can guarantee that it will be the key to opening doors of opportunities for your online business. 

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