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Marketing Tools I Use To Run A Multi Six Figure Empire From Home – Quickregister SEO/Marketing Tips Blog

Marketing Tools I Use To Run A Multi Six Figure Empire From Home

Web Hosting.

IOZOOM– I have 2 linux VPS servers with IOZOOM. This is an excellent company especially if you wanted a managed VPS server. A managed VPS server is where you can contact support and they can help you with almost any problem related to the server.

I run my own websites with my own domain names. Even if I was just promoting somebody else’s products I would have my own domain name and website. I use dedicated and VPS servers.

I Use Multiple VPS Servers Which Allow Me to Run Multiple Websites on Each Server

VPS means Virtual Private Servers. They use WHM Cpanel control panel and allow me to run unlimited websites rather than just one website. If you have many websites rather than just one this is the way to go.

Even If I Just Was Promoting Other People’s Services Through Affiliate Links I Would Still Have My Own Domain And Web Hosting

I have been with this company for well over 6 months and so far they have responded with 100% success to all my support tickets. I almost never have to contact them.

I Have Been With IOZOOM for Over 6 Months and Their Service and UpTime Has Been Outstanding

I have 2 of the $60. per month Linux VPS. You can see their various packages for

IOZOOM also has which I do not use but I do recommend.

I do not use them myself for the windows servers because I have moved on to much larger Windows VPS servers. However, they have a perfect starter plan for just $10. which actually suits most of my subscribers needs better than the larger servers I use. You can see their Windows VPS servers here.

I Recommend IOZOOM’s Starter Windows VPS Because of The Low $10. Price And Strong Customer Service. I Use Larger Unmanaged Windows VPS Servers For My Own Needs.

I recommend people get a remote Windows VPS server if they are going to operate our software from

The reason being is that they can run our software 24/7 from anywhere without using their own computer’s resources. Learn more about remote windows vps servers here.

Contabo– This web hosting company is based in Germany and has just fantastic prices. You need to be a little more of a do it yourself type person to work with Contabo. However, they do have support which does respond efficiently if there are any issues with the hardware.

Here is what I have with Contabo:

3 Windows VPS Servers. 2 of them are their XL versions which have a whopping 60 gigs of RAM and 10 cores! The other windows VPS is their M server which has 16 gigs of RAM and 6 cores. The XL servers cost $29.85 per month and the Medium cost $13.26 per month. These are truly unbeatable prices!

If You Do Not Need A Lot of Hand Holding  Contabo’s Unmanaged VPS Servers Prices Are Hard to Beat

I use 2 of the Windows servers for my worker who sets up the campaigns for customers on Classifiedsubmissions remotely from Sri Lanka.

So my worker can log in and work on the campaigns from Sri Lanka and I can log in from the US to the same server and check the work. Truly amazing!

My Worker In Sri Lanka Can Log Into My Windows VPS Server and I Log In And Check The Work on The Same Server in The USA 

The other Windows server I use for my own testing and projects.

I also have 2 Linux Servers with Contabo. They are the Linux XL versions each with 60 gigs of RAM. These cost $38.99 each which includes WHM and cpanel.

I Have 2 Linux Servers and 3 Windows Remote VPS Servers With Contabo

If you do not need a lot of hand holding Contabo is almost impossible to beat for value and prices. And to be fair, the few times I have had to contact support they have responded perfectly.

TurnKey Internet– This is another web hosting company I use. Why use 3? I never put all my eggs in one basket. Web Hosting companies get bought out, change policies, can change prices (All of which has happened to me) so it is best to spread out the risk. That being said I have had nothing but smooth sailing with Turnkey Internet.

I Spread My Websites Over 3 Server Companies Because I Never Put My Eggs All in One Basket

This is an American based company which offers both fully managed and un managed servers. You get a huge discount if you go with the unmanaged servers. I am using a unmanaged linux vps server.

Domain Registration I use to register domain names. This is my reseller page for Godaddy.

Web Hosting Control Panel

I use exclusively WHM cpanel control panels. WHM cpanel is the most popular and easy to use web hosting control panel. If you are going to host your own website I would highly recommend choosing CPANEL even if it costs a little extra. This control panel will save you time and time is money.

Web Hosting Back Up Services

Backupsy– It is absolutely essential to back up your websites regularly. Especially if you have active databases. I use the back up functions to automatically back up all my websites to a website server in the cloud. For about $10. per month you can get a dedicated service of 250 GB. If you have WHM CPANEL then the backups can be regularly sent to your Backupsy backup server.

I Automatically Backup All My Websites and Databases Every Day to Multiple Backup Servers

If for some reason you lose your website everything can be backed up and re-uploaded exactly how it was using your back up files.

Amazon S3 Storage Services– I am paranoid. What if your back up goes down? I have back ups to my back ups. I also backup all my websites and databases to Amazon S3 storage services. This can be done automatically from your WHM control panel.

Autoresponder Email Marketing Services– I use for one of my services. Aweber is the service I recommend to beginners because it is easy to use and requires a minimum of technical expertise. In addition you can easily make a landing page that they host for you. See my blog post here on exactly how to make a landing page with Aweber.

The deliverability is excellent and the prices are about the same as most services.

Sendy– Sendy is a self hosted solution. In order to use Sendy you need your own Linux hosting account. If you need an inexpensive hosting account you can get one here.

You will also need and a ssl certificate for your domain. You can get that here as well.

Sendy is a php script that you upload to your server. If you do not have the technical know how to do this you can hire somebody to do this for you with a service like If you want to do it yourself here is a tutorial on how to install Sendy.

Sendy uses Amazon SES to send out your emails. You need to sign up for an account with Amazon SES and confirm you domain with them. Here are some advantages of using a self-hosted autoresponder service.

Here is a video explaining why I switched from Aweber to Sendy. I still have an Aweber account but I do not rely on it solely. I have 4 licenses of Sendy on each of my domains.

WordPress Themes

Thrive Focus Premium WordPress Theme: I use Thrive Focus theme for this blog. I also use Thrive Architect to create my websites, and I have zero talent for graphic design. This amazing wordpress plugin and theme allows me to create professional looking websites that convert. I highly recommend Thrive Themes projects.

Video Services and Software

Screen Cast O Matic. They have a free version and a pro version. I use the pro version which only costs $4. per month! Compare that to the much more expensive Camtasia Studio. I have found no limitations with Screen Cast O Matic and I have been able to make excellent screen capture videos.

YouTube. Youtube is one of the best ways to promote your product or service. With all the video tools I mentioned above you should be able to create tons of great videos. I definitely recommend starting your own YouTube channel on your theme and keep uploading new videos all the time.

You can see my YouTube channel here. Please subscribe! YouTube videos shoot to the top of search engine rankings. Put your keywords in the titles of your videos to increase visibility.

Articlevideorobot. Articlevideorobot creates videos from blog posts and text files. It just takes words from a page and creates sharp looking videos with actors reading your written words. The voices are still somewhat robotic but not that much and they videos look professional.

One of the best features of Article Video Robot is that it automatically makes slide show presentations of your blog post or letter than you can upload to and other slide show hosting sites. These sites get ranked very high in the search engines and get quite a bit of traffic.

FTP Software

FileZilla– After being disappointed in the more expensive Ipswitch paid software I found the Freeware FileZilla which actually works much better! Sometimes you do not get what you pay for. Now I use this free FTP software exclusively and it works just fine!

Programming Software

Ubot Studio. Ubot is software which allows you to program bots without knowing any coding language. Ubot Studio will let you program you own software without having to know code. I used this program to create all the software at and several other programs.

Even though you do not need to know code there is quite a learning curve with this software. If you are not prepared to spend hours working through complex problems this is not for you.

But if you want a challenge and you want to program your own software this is a great place to start. Not for those who want a quick fix. More for those who really are curious, persistent and want to create their own software. Highly recommended.

Submission Software

Osclass Submitter– This easy to use software submits your ad to 10 different high traffic classified ad sites at once. It allows me to post thousands of ads daily.  To learn more about Osclass Submitter see here.

The Free Ad Forum Pro Submitter. This software posts ads on autopilot to The Free Ad Forum which has just been exploding in traffic. The sites gets close to 1000 sign ups per day. You can post ads for free and there are also upgrade options allowing you more exposure for your ads.

Text Editor

Textpad. Textpad is the best text editor on the planet and it is free. It is a thousand times better than notepad. I use it constantly.

Classified Ad Software

Osclass 3.8- Osclass is an open source classified ad software that is no longer officially supported. However, there are numerous devoted users and programmers who still provide plugins and custom programming for this ultra fast and efficient classified ad software. I use Osclass to run The Free Ad Forum. You can download the latest version of Osclass 3.8 here if you want to start your own classified ad site.

Amemberpro– This php software is an outstanding shopping cart and affiliate management software. This is what we use to power the billing and affiliate program for Back in the stone age of the internet programmer Steve Miles created an very functional affiliate management software in Perl. It still works decades later! I have had to hire programmers to update it over the years. I still use it for some sites. I do not recommend buying it. His order links are not working and I think you would be better served with Amemberpro which is active, up to date, supported and has by far more features.

PDF Re-Branding Software

Viral Pdf Generator– This is a tool which allows your affiliates to easily re-brand your original pdf files with their links. Creating your own pdf file or ebook with valuable information in your niche then allowing others to distribute your ebook or pdf is an excellent way to get traffic to your website.

Your affiliates will have an even greater reason to distribute your ebook if you allow them to re-brand the ebook with their own affiliate link. The problem is normally that process is complicated and most affiliates give up. Viral PDF Generator makes the task easy for the affiliate. An affiliate can re-brand your ebook with just a few clicks. The easier it is to re-brand your ebook the more people will distribute it the more traffic you get.

EasyViralPdfBrander– Do you want to save money on monthly fees? Here a php script version of basically what Viral Pdf Generator. You will need your own domain and hosting account and a little technical knowledge to set it up but in the long run you will save big money hosting your own system.

I started with Viral Pdf Generator and then moved to my self-hosted system using EasyViralPdfBrander for my free re-brandable ebook “11 Proven Techniques To  Get More Sales From Classified Ads Ebook.“– When I need a programmer I use which is one of the largest outsourcing sites. Basically you post a project and programmers (or other web professionals) bid for your job.

The key to having a successful experience is to describe exactly what you want in advance. Take time to write out the instructions clearly before posting your job.

I have had many successful projects completed on Your payment is held in Escrow and not released until you are satisfied with the work. Both the worker and you can review each other so people are generally on their best behaviour. – Web workers propose their services for $5 (or more) on Video submissions, and graphic design and some services I regularly purchase from 

Please bookmark this page as I will be adding more services that I use. If you have valuable services that you use please feel free to share in the comments section.

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