PUP marketing students focus on the role of artificial intelligence in digital marketing • Gadgets Magazine

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PUP marketing students focus on the role of artificial intelligence in digital marketing • Gadgets Magazine

The first virtual Closing Ceremonies, with the theme LORE: The Marketing Apocalypse—Will Al be the Future of Marketing? let the 3NDEAVOR PRODUCTIONS effectively finish their term and it is shown at 3NDEAVOR Productions’ official Facebook page on July 8, 2023.

The earlier mentioned event, which was put together by aspiring future business owners with the collaboration of its guest speakers, offers viewers insights into optimizing benefits, enhancing results, and utilizing data to obtain a competitive edge in the market and improve their ability to respond quickly and actively. With the help of its generous sponsors, the event is made as entertaining as possible with a ton of freebies and pre-event activities that allow creative and competitive minds to show off their talent and innovative thinking.

Students from various sections, campuses, and courses made up the audience of 11.8K viewers that attended the event. People responded to the event with overwhelming love and support, sharing it with others, praising their friends, and leaving encouraging comments about each activity and piece of information presented.

Modern technology is a huge asset in today’s society for planning and carrying out tremendous goals. Participants witnessed how AI is transforming traditional marketing strategies, identifying innovative industry trends, and fostering corporate expansion. They were expertly led through every facet of this fascinating new technology by the invited speakers.

Other than knowledge, the hosts and guest performers provided a great experience with their special intermissions and different genres of music. The melody and punchline of each are a great attention-getter to those who are losing their attention in the event.

As 3NDEAVOR continues to make history in the world of greatness. The eagerness to create an informative and interactive webinar was shown starting from their pre-event games and giveaways, engaging opening ceremony,  providing quality hosts and performers, collaborating with genius speakers and generous sponsors, and ending it with a heartfelt ending ceremony.

After gaining insights into the real objective of popularizing Artificial Intelligence and its role in marketing. Hopefully, the next generations can learn a lot of things and broaden their purpose of utilization when it comes to work and daily living.

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