HR Owen first to integrate Marketing Delivery software with Salesforce | Digital Marketing

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HR Owen first to integrate Marketing Delivery software with Salesforce | Digital Marketing

HR Owen has integrated Marketing Delivery’s VoiceBox software with Salesforce following a successful pilot.

The dealer group said the integration will help make it easier to track and prompt interactions with sales prospects, cut administration and maximise lead conversions.

Marketing Delivery was already working with HR Owen on stock alert messaging by pulling in data from website-form submissions to alert potential buyers when a car meeting their specifications comes into stock.

The new Application Programming Interface (API) means that leads can be received from Salesforce and subscribed to stock alerts without additional manual input. 

Automotive consultancy Feasa supported Marketing Delivery in developing a VoiceBox API adaptor, which powers a two-way flow of data with the Salesforce platform.

It operates via the GetAUTO app (available on the Salesforce App Exchange), feeding information back into Salesforce and updating the customer record with confirmation that messages have been sent, as well as key metrics including open rates and details of specific vehicle(s) the customer has clicked on.

Brett Ward, chief technical officer at HR Owen, said: “This new integration saves our salespeople valuable time and enables us to create tailored, automated customer flows.

“We have also seen an improvement in data quality, which will pay dividends when following up the leads and communicating further with customers.

“We are not even a month in and have seen over 150 interactions with our automated email flows; it’s very exciting to see the results come in.”

Jeremy Evans, chief executive at Marketing Delivery, said the business is committed to integrating with all of the major data management systems in the automotive sector.

He said: “This latest integration with Salesforce delivers significant value for dealers that want to further optimise lead generation and conversions.

“We’re able to integrate VoiceBox with any data management system to make the lives of our customers’ sales staff as easy as possible, helping them track and act on customer data more effectively.”

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