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Plugins to Automate Your WordPress eCommerce Website – LearnWoo

Managing a WooCommerce store requires managing a lot of moving parts. You need to identify clients, persuade them to buy your items, deliver those things to them, and then give them assistance to have a positive experience.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could automate some tasks to enhance your store’s marketing, user experience, administrative procedures, customer connections, and more?

With the right tools, you can potentially automate repetitive operations or a specific feature you wish to repeat.

We’ll discuss some top plugins in this post to help you automate your WooCommerce business. These plugins will assist you with various features and should benefit your store’s ability to operate with less manual effort.

Benefits of Automating your WooCommerce Stores

Your WooCommerce store may benefit from automation in a number of ways, including marketing, admin/fulfillment, and enhancing the shopping experience:

Now that we have a basic understanding of automation and its necessity for your WooCommerce store, let us take a look at a few plugins that can help with the same.

Here is a choice you may use to set up price modifications at the product, category, and cart levels if you don’t want the headaches of discount codes. With the aid of this plugin, you can set up dynamic pricing modifications for your store based on the preset discount criteria.

Setting up dynamic pricing and discounts in your business is easy with the help of the dynamic pricing plugin.


You may develop a comprehensive strategy for handling discount coupons in bulk on your WooCommerce store with the aid of this plugin. It will assist you in creating a sophisticated coupon plan for your shop to boost sales whenever necessary.

Use Smart Coupons to establish and manage a successful WooCommerce coupon strategy.


For WooCommerce business owners who wish to automate all of their tedious marketing tasks, the Mautic WooCommerce Integration plugin was created. It is simple to track contacts, segment contacts, create targeted campaigns, send personalized marketing emails, and measure conversions with this WooCommerce Mautic integration plugin.

The Mautic WooCommerce Integration plugin helps you save time and money by helping you create more effective marketing campaigns with pre-defined customer groups, fewer abandoned carts, and wiser purchases.


You may restore incomplete orders in your store with this plugin.

In order to motivate consumers to finish their orders, it makes use of a flexible email follow-up system that sends out a series of reminder emails at specified intervals.

There are options for adding discount coupons, configuring trigger rules, customizing email templates, deleting abandoned cart lists, and viewing logs and comprehensive reports.


Another typical situation for business owners is integrating their WooCommerce site with a well-known shipping provider. You may incorporate FedEx, UPS, and USPS services on your WooCommerce store with the aid of the ELEX EasyPost plugin. The plugin allows you to print labels, display real-time shipping charges, and customize box packaging. The associated carrier account will be automatically charged postage for the labels you produce.

To show rates and print labels on your WooCommerce store, utilize this plugin’s EasyPost API.


You can be managing your WooCommerce store with a variety of outside services. Your work of integrating each of these services could be challenging. With capabilities to transfer order, customer, and subscription data to several services, Zapier will be of assistance in this situation.

There would be significantly less manual effort if the many external services and apps you often use were to automatically integrate.


You may develop a centralized system to administer your store by combining it with QuickBooks. Invite your customers to make online purchases from a private, configurable B2B store to transform the way you manage wholesale orders.

Use Automation to streamline your order management and delivery processes for clever supply chain automation.


It’s crucial to monitor your website’s specialized eCommerce statistics. You may add such precise monitoring data to your analytics panel with the aid of this add-on. With the aid of this plugin, complex eCommerce events like changes to the quantity in the shopping cart or the inclusion of coupons may be monitored. Additionally, the plugin provides support for reporting on the analysis of purchasing and checkout activity.

Better interaction between your shop events and your analytics account is made possible with the WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro add-on.


Through a live chat window, not only can you quickly respond to consumer inquiries but also provides excellent lead management solutions. On your website, you will be able to gather information on active users so that you may engage with them on sales leads. When handling eCommerce data, you could use a wide range of technologies, all of which are seamlessly integrated with LiveChat. With a straightforward UI, you’ll find it to be really simple to use. 

You may personalize the chat window with your logo, customized text, and website colors in addition to choosing from 4 distinct themes.


Advanced product configuration forms may be created and connected to any product in WooCommerce using the Gravity Forms Product Add-ons plugin. For your items, you may construct forms with conditional logic, pricing fields, user-inputted prices, conditional-pricing fields, and conditional submit button logic. To ensure that, regardless of how complicated your product form is, only unique configurations are loaded to the cart and duplicates are increased in quantity, every product that has a Gravity Form is monitored in the cart.

Additionally, you may decide whether to display the built-in automated pricing computation and can customize each label separately.


You can save a ton of time by adding automation to your WooCommerce store. Time is a valuable resource for business entrepreneurs. 

Finding, implementing, and automating WooCommerce businesses will save you from a variety of little but time-consuming sales and marketing jobs, letting you focus more on activities that support your primary issue.

We hope this article has helped you find the right plugins to automate your eCommerce store.

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