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Forward Role Digital & Marketing Salary Guide · Forward Role

The importance of offering competitive salaries

As the digital & marketing skills shortage continues to grow, qualified candidates are recognising their value. Over the past few years, we’ve noticed a trend where marketing & digital talent will only accept offers from companies that are going to meet their needs. 

Candidates are no longer willing to accept low pay rates for a chance to “get their foot in the door.” They don’t have to.  Today, there are thousands of positions available for them up and down the country where they can compare offers and, ultimately, choose a job that ticks every box.

With this in mind, we’ve researched the latest hiring data using our benchmarking tool, to provide a comprehensive Marketing & Digital Salary Guide.

Forward Role Digital Salary Guide 2022

Our guide, covers average salaries across a range of roles in the marketing, digital & ecommerce space.

‘For employers, our report can be used to ensure you’re offering competitive salaries to current and prospective staff. The guide can help you to enhance employee satisfaction and ensure you attract and retain the best candidates. For candidates, it will act as a means to benchmark your salary against the average for your area, negotiate a pay rise or discover what other opportunities are available within other regions or roles.’

Notable Trends

Graduate/Entry Level salaries have increased with Digital & Marketing Assistants now looking for a minimum of £23,000. More specialised roles such as in Paid Media, coming in at above £24,000. In 2019/2020 for entry-level roles the average salary was £19,333.

Senior Performance Recruiter:

‘The salaries we are seeing in the performance space are vast. For example, we are representing candidates with 2 years’ experience currently on around £28K, now looking for a minimum of £35k’

 Salaries across eCommerce roles have increased by 10-20% compared with 20/21 and product roles are on average 25%-35% higher. Product Marketing Executive are now getting an average salary of £37,333 and Head of Digital roles now achieving salaries of £87,000+ 

Associate Director:

‘The biggest trend we’re seeing across the board is the need for flexible working. The vast majority of candidates explicitly state the need for hybrid working with a lot of people also requesting remote working.’

Agency has always been a candidate driven market, and it is even more so now, with candidates expecting much higher salary increases when moving roles.

Agency Recruitment Lead:

‘ Candidates are no longer willing to move for a £2- £3k pay rise or a potential side-step when the norm now is more a £7- 8k increase. The demand for talent has definitely driven a shift in thinking around offering much more attractive salary packages to secure the very best candidates!’

Working with Forward Role

For help expanding your horizons and driving change in your industry through intelligent recruitment,

At Forward Role, you’ll find genuine marketing, digital and tech experts who care passionately about delivering for their clients and candidates. If you are looking for more detailed marketing, digital or technology salary scoping info for your business – get in touch!

If you’re a candidate, we’ll treat you the way we’d like to be treated when making an important life decision like moving jobs, you can visit our Candidate hub for career advice or get in touch with one of our recruitment experts for more advice on what salary level you can expect from your next role.

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