Interview with a Rising Star in The Blogosphere of Digital Marketing – Vashishtha Kapoor

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Interview with a Rising Star in The Blogosphere of Digital Marketing – Vashishtha Kapoor

Vashishtha Kapoor is a blogger, marketing expert, and system administrator. He started blogging back in 2015 and currently working on Corporatebloggingtips. Also, back in 2019, he created one of the top affiliate network directories,

🎓 Describe yourself in three words!

Passionate, Calm, Ambitious.

😢 What is the most you’ve lost in a single day? From my own experience, I know I try to block out losses pretty quickly, but give me an estimate if you can’t remember.

The worst experience in media buying is when you pay for traffic on a landing page that does not work. I set up my first campaign in life using an ad network with the most I could afford at that moment. At the end of the day, I found out that the CTA button on the landing page was broken and did not bring any affiliate sales at all.

📚 What is one book, article, or podcast that you think has helped you get where you are?

I rarely read books. However, I watch a lot of videos on Youtube, and I am very much inspired by Harsh Agarwal.

⚽ What is your favorite hobby?

I love playing cricket, especially in the nets. Any sort of outdoor sports excites me a lot except volleyball and basketball.

🤩 What is your favorite affiliate network and why?

My favorite is CJ because there are many good brands to promote and make the top dollar. Getting approval as an affiliate for some of the brands was pretty tough, though. Still, once you have enough traffic and quality lead-generation tactics, you will make it up.

🔥 If you’ve to create a profile on a dating app, what would be your profile tagline?

I’m not against candlelight, but Netflix and chill are better.

🔧 What is your favorite affiliate marketing tool and why?

As a blogger, we work on several affiliate programs simultaneously, and it is a mess to log into each of them frequently to check earnings. Not every affiliate program sends you an email notification for a new conversion.

My favorite affiliate marketing tool is Affluent. I love to see a consolidated report of affiliate earnings from several affiliate programs and networks. 

🚀 What is one thing we can add to This site to make it better? This can be something the community does, or I do personally to improve the forum.

You’ve done great work on your blog and there are plenty of quality articles that we all can learn from. However, the design part is what I feel is missing from your blog. It can turn the tables if given attention.

👎 What is your least favorite part about affiliate marketing?

The least exciting part about affiliate marketing I find is signing up for an affiliate program when they switch the platform.

👍 What is your favorite part about affiliate marketing?

My favorite part about affiliate marketing is campaign optimization. After I hit a campaign and rank well organically for the target keywords, it is exciting to implement A/B tests with call-to-action, images, and various other factors to improve the CTR.

🔮 Where do you see the industry in 3-5 years?

The industry has evolved, and we’ve come far away from what it was a few years ago. Now we’ve some new ad formats, plenty of restrictions on advertising, and several new money-making methods. 

In the next 3-5 years, affiliate marketing has to deal well with the challenge of sales attribution without cookies. With that being said, new technology has to evolve and existing players will have to revise and up their game. 

🥇 What is your favorite traffic source or traffic type?

My favorite traffic source is Google. Organic traffic has always worked for me since it is not a push marketing strategy. Talking about media buying, my favorite traffic source is Propellerads’ Direct Click which is part of the pop traffic type.

⏰ How many hours do you spend on affiliate marketing?

I spend like 5-10 hours weekly analyzing, optimizing, and scaling my campaigns.

🍀 What is your favorite thing about being an affiliate marketer?

What I love the most about being an affiliate marketer is the “laptop lifestyle”—working from anywhere, a coffee shop, hotel room, or a poolside table. 

🧲 What gets you out of your comfort zone and work long hours? If nothing so far, what will?

Being a system admin, I handle a lot of servers for clients. The first thing that puts me out of my conform zone is the sense of emergency to fix a server’s availability if something is broken.

Besides that, money is my second motivation to work long hours as far as I am taking care of the diet and having regular intervals in-between. 

🧰 Apart from their professional skills, what would you look for in hiring people?

I always look for a go-getter who can get things done and takes responsibility. Skills do not matter if someone is not punctual and getting things done within the deadline. 

I am proud to have a team of people who may not be the best technically-skilled people but the most reliable ones for sure. 

📸 Can you share your 2-3 best photos? And some of the awkward ones?

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