How to Recycle Your Business Content Online - Digital Marketing, Small Business Strategist

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How to Recycle Your Business Content Online – Digital Marketing, Small Business Strategist

Let’s talk about making content creation and management WAY faster and easier for your coming year. The truth is that most of us have been in business long enough to create far more content than we really need. It takes time and money to keep churning it out, right? So let’s talk about a fun way to recycle your business content online. The popular term is “repurpose” but let’s call it what it really is. I’ll use an example of my own videos over on my Confident Marketer  video channel . I was shocked to realize that I’ve got 442 videos over there! I started posting YouTube videos way back in 2009. As I write this, that’s 14 years of video content! Holy moly!!!  It cracked me up to watch some of the older videos and wow do I look way younger in those, too. But here’s the thing. 95% of the content is still valid and useful (and yours is, too, I suspect) 5% of it needs refreshing It’s a treasure trove of content that can basically see me through a lot of 2024 It’s really fun to go back and see how I sounded, what I emphasized, and how I have changed as a business owner and a content creator. Now you may not have video content, but you’ve got some type of content – blog posts, social media content, etc. And I bet some of it could be recycled with a fresh set of keywords and maybe a fresh call to action. Saving you TONS of time! So here’s what I am doing and you can copy this for yourself and make it yours . I am cataloging all 442 videos onto a Google spreadsheet. I take a photo of the cover photo from the old video, and if the content needs refreshing I create a new video using the same content and updating what needs to be refreshed. I update the description, keywords, and call to action in the old video (don’t take it down if it had viewers in the past). I upload my “refresh” video and for fun include a picture in the intro of myself on the old video. Here’s an example for you. To see a new refreshed video I created from old video content  click here . For the old original video click here . See that the descriptions are now the same? I also included the date (2009) in the title of the old video and in the video description I noted “See the updated video here.” This exercise has really had me looking at my content , helping me see what I want to focus on for the future, and given me a road map of what to do. That’s more valuable to me than just constantly churning out new content . It’s a far more mindful way to represent my business. To continue this, I’m just going to keep working the list I created of all the videos. Second step – I am also posting all the new ones to LinkedIn, to my FB business page (for what good that does), and making short reels over on Instagram, too. Viola! Content handled for the next number of months, my content is on point and refreshed, and I have saved an absolute treasure trove of time! What do you think? Would you do this? What content do you have that you can recycle, refresh, and repost that will help you save time but gain visibility in 2024? Related Article : Download my complimentary content planner tool. Is this article helpful for you? If so, please take a minute to share it using one of the social share icons below. Thank you! Share This Article

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