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How NOT using SEO can be like an Airport Delay | The importance of SEO – Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne

How NOT using SEO can be like an Airport Delay

Bags are packed and you’ve driven yourself to the airport. You have booked in advance and gotten yourself a return ticket from Sydney to Melbourne to try out a working holiday. You are excited to try a new city, and to run your business remotely for a week.

Then disaster strikes, you have arrived at Sydney International airport and queues are out the door. Delays are increasing, and when its your time to be checked, you’ve got aerosol cans in your bag and you have your laptop in the wrong bag. It’s kind of chaotic, time-consuming, and you’re anxious you might miss your flights; or worse still, your flight gets cancelled because the latest COVID-19 wave has seen airport staff out sick en masse.

Things aren’t looking good now, and you’re becoming concerned as to whether or not this was a good idea.

Getting to a packed and delayed airport in Sydney is in some way or another comparative to the experience of not using SEO services for your business website.

I know it might seem like a bit of a stretch, but stay with me. Here are 4 reasons explaining the Importance of SEO, and how the frustrating delays we’re seeing in Sydney, help us understand why we need to do SEO.

•How the unexpected becomes the norm

What we’re hearing in Sydney at the moment, according to Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas, is that “you don’t know until the day how many people are calling in sick, people that have COVID-19 or are a close contact”. What this means is that airlines and flights have experienced long delays, cancellations and frustrating service experiences.

When you do not engage an SEO agency in Melbourne, or an SEO agency near you, you may experience similar bouts of uncertainty and a severe lack of reliable predictions for your business online. How this translates, is that you will be hopping onto Google Analytics everyday and you will not know until a day is done as to whether or not you had a good or bad day.

When you engage SEO services, after you have used it for a good amount of time, it is a given that you will have more consistent website traffic, and more predictable monthly conversions as a result.

Your website will have improved its user experience significantly, and they will not experience delays or poor service.

If you ignore engaging SEO now, you run the risk of having an unpredictable and potentially horribly optimised website.

•No Trust, No Credibility

Say you work for an airline that has moved back a customer’s flight 3 times only to cancel the flight altogether. Chances are you feel for that customer and would believe that they will probably no longer fly with your airline ever again. Staff shortages and delays, are really comparative to the experience of not hiring an SEO company.

What this means is that people will have no trust that what you’re saying is true, and your business will have low credibility amongst other airlines due to your poor service offerings.

When not heeding the importance of SEO, and opting out from engaging these services, it is pretty clear that you will lose out on all the great benefits of having a website optimised for search engines.

For instance, a part of SEO involves content creation. Being active on your blogging and communication with your users means that you communicate with them information about your industry. You become a voice that people can trust, and you provide advice and guidance about your problems that may pop up when you are looking to use their service, or when you’re trying to fix an issue their product may solve.

•A Bad User Experience

Let’s look at the journey within the airport so far. It has been time consuming, boring, disorganised and worst of all confusing. You aren’t sure where you’ve packed essential things, and the messaging surrounding what you should be doing and how to be more efficient has gone by the way-side. You hate it here.

If your website sounds like the above due to a lack of SEO principles being implemented, then chances are you’re adding fuel to the bad customer experience fire.

We cannot state the true importance of SEO enough for delivering a good user experience. Here are some things you can do.

SEO is about having lots of good quality content. Making sure that your website uses headers (H1 to H4) is a great way to ensure that people can find information easily. Making sure that your main navigation menus are clear and visible is super important too. It is essential that you are providing content on your website that is clearly spaced, and doesn’t detract from areas of info around it. Make sure that all your content is optimised too, this means text isn’t too blocky or confusing, and images are all optimised to be a small enough resolution that it rides that line between being clear for your users, but not too big a size that it causes the website to load slowly.

•Hard to know what’s going on

You’ve finally made it through to your gate, people are waiting, but now you hear the intercom blare out that you’ve been shifted to another gate as another flight has been cancelled. It is undoubtedly hard to not think you’re being led around by confused people that are just making this structure of organisation up as they go along.

To be fair, you cannot blame the staff for this confusion, as the chaos of worker shortages, and long wait times has created an increased uncertainty in your knowledge of how this airport should be experienced as a visitor. As for the staff working in this busy and confused airport, they are indeed doing the best they can with the tools they have. They cannot do it all, and they need more help. Due to all this chaos, they too have no clue how the processes exist under these conditions. They definitely have a general idea of how it can work with lots of staff, and efficient customers, but now, with confused travellers, and half your team out sick, they’re asking, “what the hell is going on?”

When you own a website, and you haven’t kept up to date with the happenings of SEO, it can be damn hard to know how a website should look, feel, and work. You become a bit out of touch. Your old knowledge surrounding websites and the tech industry become more and more outdated. What this leaves you with, is an overwhelming feeling of not knowing enough to work well for those that come to your website, expecting an easy flowing and efficient experience to find the information that they need.

By engaging an SEO company, or by conducting some basic SEO practices, you can become better informed. It is the equivalent of getting staff back into the airport, it’s the equivalent of having clear information so that confusion surrounding what to pack in which bag remains at a minimum.

There will always be more to learn, more to do, and even a bit of confusion about how things should be. But by keeping as informed as possible, or at the very least, having people around that can keep you more informed, like an SEO agency in Collingwood, you, and your website will be better for it.


What we’ve seen at Sydney airport, is nothing short of incredibly frustrating, you aren’t catching your flight to the enjoyable working holiday you had planned for yourself. You’re stressed out, and so is everyone else around you. The internet, like Sydney airport, can be a really stressful place. But the difference between the two, is that the internet doesn’t have to be confusing. There are basically thousands of SEO companies that can help you get a better understanding of how you can thrive in a heavily competitive environment. Castle Jackson is one of those companies ready to help.

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