Highlight Instagram Comments- Digital Marketing News 1st September 2023

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Highlight Instagram Comments- Digital Marketing News 1st September 2023

When you see comments on a social post are you more likely to comment yourself?

Meta is currently running a test on Instagram that will let creators feature comments from posts or Reels in their stories. 

Will this boost engagement? I guess that’s what the test is all about. 

Get influencer inspiration on Meta

I love Meta’s ad library. It’s a good place to find inspiration for your ad creative and sometimes to see what a bad job others are doing.

And now there’s a new feature in the ads library that will show you influencer campaigns. You’ll find it under the ‘Branded content’ tab. Type in a brand or a creator and you’ll be able to see the posts, stories and Reels they’ve created.

Use this as a creator to get inspiration, or if you plan to work with a creator, you can get a snapshot of the engagement they get on their posts. 

🚨NEW 🚨 You can search for branded content (any posts with the Paid Partnership label) in Meta’s Ad Library now.

Here’s a demo ⤵️ pic.twitter.com/pAnRgnBpvc

— Lindsey Gamble (@LindseyGamble_)

Verified X Account Scammers

It went wrong the moment they launched it. As soon as you could buy a blue tick on Twitter people were using it to impersonate businesses and brands, even causing one pharmacy company’s stock price to plummet.

That seems like a long time ago now….

Yet surprisingly 🙄scammers are still using verified. The latest scam is targeting people who complain on social media. Scam verified accounts pretending to be a brand respond to complaints promising refunds if customers hand over their bank info.

Be careful out there.

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New Reddit measurement tools

Since the Apple iOS update 2 years ago, advertisers who relied on Meta ads started looking elsewhere. There was a renewed interest in Google ads and TikTok ads.

One of the smaller players in the market was Reddit. Over the last few years, it’s become a more mainstream channel and that means the opportunity to reach your audience there is growing.

And Reddit just added two new tools that could help you measure your campaigns. 

The first, Brand Lift, will use surveys to find out if the perception of your brand increases after users see your ads.

The second, Conversion Lift, works in conjunction with the Reddit pixel to understand the actions users take after seeing your ad including conversions. 

I’m still trying to work out how this is different to the pixel… 

Is TikTok about to ban Amazon links?

This month we saw the end of Facebook Shops in Ireland and most of Europe. Why? Because Meta wants people to use their built-in payment system, and that’s never going to be an option in the EU.

But they’re not the only platform that wants to be the social network to rule them all. TikTok also wants all transactions to happen on their site. 

And a rumour that TikTok is about to ban links to external shopping sites like Amazon started circulating this week. TikTok denies it.

But we do know TikTok is pushing its shop product hard, we also saw that soon UK retailers will be able to use a service ‘Fulfilled by TikTok’ which will warehouse, pick and deliver their products. If Amazon, Etsy, eBay and the like pose a threat to their domination it would seem feasible that they would ban those links. 

Create a WhatsApp group without a name

You know what’s annoying? OK loads of things, but if you want to create a quick WhatsApp group you have to go through the whole process of ‘giving the group a name’. Which is why I have some odd groups like ‘I can’t find you?’ And ‘did you leave this behind’.

Thankfully for me and the poor people I added to those groups we will soon be able to create WhatsApp groups without giving them a name. 

Find a Job via X

It looks like Musk’s dream of X becoming the one app to rule them all is on course. This week the platform officially launched the Beta of its ‘Job listings’. This is available to verified organisations. 

Will this take off? Is X a trustworthy space to hire and be hired? I think it could.

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