TechTarget cites technical SEO issues as reason for 25% decline in Google traffic

TechTarget, a business-to-business marketing company, said it saw a 25% drop in Google organic traffic in November. Though the company said that organic Google traffic trends do not directly correlate to company revenue, the drop was significant enough that TechTarget noted it in its fourth-quarter 2019 earnings report [PDF], released Wednesday. November traffic change. “Unpaid […]

I Love SEO: X Reasons Why We 💘 SEO

You love SEO. Everybody loves SEO. Right? To find out, I asked some of the top SEO experts the reasons why they love SEO. Here were their responses. 1. The SEO Community “The people! Without the amazing wisdom shared by everyone in this community in person, in blog posts, and at conferences we would all […]

7 mistakes to avoid when optimizing your Instagram account for SEO

Obviously, you work hard to make your website climb to the top of the search engine rankings. But not many entrepreneurs and marketers know that optimization techniques are useful beyond Google, Bing and other search engines. SEO is also applicable to social media platforms, where it can aid in promoting an account, gaining new followers, […]

5 Reasons Blogging is Still a Great Business Idea in 2020

The post 5 Reasons Blogging is Still a Great Business Idea in 2020 appeared first on Club Thrifty. I’ll never forget the day I quit my job. The year was 2013, and I had worked tirelessly in my role as the Director of Family Services at a local funeral home for six years. My husband […]

Citations & Local SEO: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Citations are one of the key factors in local SEO. Many new SEOs begin their careers managing citations for stakeholders. When set up correctly, citations can be really easy to manage and can lead to improved local rankings. However, if done incorrectly, citations can be a nightmare to clean up. In this guide, I’ll walk […]

SEO copywriting: the ultimate guide

SEO copywriting is both a key element and a big challenge in every SEO strategy. As search engines crawl web pages, the content of your website should be fine-tuned to the – ever-changing – algorithms of search engines. In addition to that, you should write clearly so that your audience both enjoys and understands your […]

How to Handle Unfair Criticism of Your Work | Webdesigner Depot

If you’re putting your creative work out there — be it design samples on Behance, a WordPress tutorial on your blog, or adding your two cents in a public forum — you can easily become the target of trolls if you hit the wrong nerve. Sadly, some clients can be just as sensitive, and triggered […]

How to Beat Big Brands in SEO

Imagine this: You have a great product or service, and your potential customers are spread out worldwide. You might literally have customers in every country on the planet. Filled with unwavering optimism, you kick off your SEO strategy, but you’re hitting wall after wall. Your site has no technical issues, you have the best content […]

Meta Tags for SEO: A Simple Guide for Beginners

Meta tags are snippets of code that tell search engines important information about your web page, such as how they should display it in search results. They also tell web browsers how to display it to visitors. Every web page has meta tags, but they’re only visible in the HTML code. In this guide, you’ll […]

Moving to HTTPS on WordPress | CSS-Tricks

I just recently took CSS-Tricks “HTTPS everywhere”. That is, every URL on this site enforces the HTTPS (SSL) protocol. Non-secure HTTP requests get redirected to HTTPS. Here are some notes on that journey. Why do it? 1. Get an SSL certificate Not optional. This is how it works. I’ve done this a bunch of times […]