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I Love SEO: X Reasons Why We 💘 SEO

You love SEO.

Everybody loves SEO. Right?

To find out, I asked some of the top SEO experts the reasons why they love SEO.

Here were their responses.

1. The SEO Community

“The people! Without the amazing wisdom shared by everyone in this community in person, in blog posts, and at conferences we would all be hacking away at this by ourselves trying to guess what worked.” – Eli Schwartz

“The people are some of the best I have met in any industry.” – John Doherty

“The people are so, so great. Once I stopped being intimidated about meeting the ‘SEO celebs’ I started getting to know them. I learned that we are all a fun group of nerds who love the industry and helping businesses improve their online visibility. Our community won’t hesitate to help one another, no matter what. I know I have a ‘search homie’ in almost every major city and I love seeing everyone at conferences and while traveling.” – Kelsey Jones

“The SEO industry is for the most part very supportive of one another, which is admirable.” – Paul Shapiro

“I love SEO and all the folks that are part of the industry for a very simple reason: You/they can help make good things happen for each other and for the sites they support.” – Topher Kohan

“I’m honored to work with some of the most curious, collaborative, and compassionate professionals I have ever known.” – Jamie Alberico

“There is a constant drive to stay educated, which is impossible without the community. The community itself has become like family to many involved.” – Brian McDowell

“Going to conferences has become a summer camp of sorts and I’m eternally grateful for my peers’ support and knowledge that is readily shared. We all help each other level up.” – Britney Muller

“It’s an industry that is very open to knowledge sharing and has the best events.” – Jes Scholz

“You can ask a question online and multiple people will offer different points of view and experiments to try.” – Carolyn Lyden

“I like the fact that everyone is so willing to share knowledge and the camaraderie between competitors (for the most part.) If you have a question or need some help – you can find it fairly simply by just asking in a forum or even on Twitter!” – Carrie Hill

“I love the generosity of the SEO community, whether it’s sharing information or just looking out for each other.” – Dr. Pete Meyers

“The industry is fantastic because while it is massive, it is also tight-knit. The friendships and working relationships are amazing.” – Melissa Fach

“The community surrounding SEO has some of the funniest—and most intelligent—people I’ve ever met. I’ve made friends in this space that have lasted me nearly a decade at this point. There’s always somebody willing to give, share, or help.” – Joel Klettke

“The best part about the SEO industry is the people. I’ve met and become friends with some of the most amazing people in the world.” – Greg Gifford

“The industry is full of amazing caring people I am privileged to call friends.” – Tony Wright

“I love the SEO industry because of the wonderful people involved in it.” – Elmer Boutin

“I love the people, the camaraderie, the work, and the challenges. I feel that I am privileged to have had the positive experiences I have had working in the industry. I’ve met lifelong friends, colleagues, and have made connections that I otherwise would not have made in other fields.” – Brian Harnish

“The best community on earth. We’re all brothers and sisters and more.” – Cyrus Shepard

2. SEO Is Always Evolving

“SEO evolves, too. So it’s inspiring to keep pushing new ideas.” – Grant Simmons

“I love its ever-changing nature, which allows me to face new challenges on a daily basis.” – Eric Enge

“I love the constant evolution of both the search engines and user behavior.” – Brian McDowell

“The challenge of change.” – Bill Hunt

“The constant change. It is an industry that requires you to research, test and implement on a regular basis.” – Mindy Weinstein

“Its dynamic nature. It’s fast and ever-changing and requires constant attention to evolving best practices.” – Casey Markee

“That constant change is the norm.” – Martin MacDonald

“That constant change, and the willingness for the SEO community to continually educate and openness to call B.S. when they see it, is what really excited me about SEO every day.” – Eric Wu

“The people. The fast pace. The ever-changing landscape. SEO is fun!” – Heather Lloyd-Martin

I’m endlessly curious and I love that SEO is constantly evolving. It’s a perfect match! – Jon Henshaw

“I enjoy how this industry requires you to stay on your toes and adapt.” – Jesse McDonald

There are a lot of fields where you can become an expert and always be an expert. Not SEO. Things change and you have to stay on top of what is happening and be willing to try new things.” – Casie Gillette

“The constantly evolving environment, technology, challenges, opportunities – and the need for us to evolve and change with that.” – Jono Alderson

“Above all, I love the fast-changing pace of SEO. What was true yesterday might not be true tomorrow so we need to learn every day to stay sharp and accurate.” – Max Prin

“What was considered a best practice yesterday, may no longer be today. I love the constant change because it forces me to continue learning.” – Anna Crowe

3. Learning Constantly

“I love learning, and so I like working in an industry where I can surround myself with innovations.” – Will Critchlow

“I love that SEO moves at such a fast pace, it means that there’s always something new to learn or a different challenge to tackle.” – Hannah Thorpe

There is always something new to learn and new tips and tricks to discover. There are new industry entrants making fantastic contributions all of the time, whether they be technical, creative, or anything in between.” – Glen Allsopp

“Constantly learning and adapting to changes in the algorithms and technology.” – Rob Woods

I love the constant stream of new challenges and opportunities to figure out how to fix broken things.” – Carolyn Shelby

“It requires you to constantly learn and adapt.” – Dave Rohrer

“The continual need to learn and grow.” – Dawn Anderson

“I am curious about how people use information, and want to help them find what they need.” – Bill Slawski

“Studying the intersection of human behavior and technological advancements.” – Rhea Drysdale

“How everyone is so deeply fascinated about both people and technology and how the two interact.” – Kelvin Newman

“The daily shift and change – the need to learn every day.” – Rishi Lakhani

“Constantly evolving in new and unique ways. Collaborating with and learning from other passionate and smart people.” – JR Oakes

4. SEO Is Never Boring

“I love the impossibility of getting bored search marketing offers us.” – Gianluca Fiorelli

“Every day is a new challenge.” – Dana DiTomaso

“The job as an SEO changes on a daily basis. Your work is never done.” – Jan-Willem Bobbink

“The industry offers you the ability to work in a variety of situations (in-house, agency, consultant – on location or remote) and that you can approach it from a specialty that most interests you (technical, content, strategy, local, vertical, etc). There is a lot of opportunity for anyone with any particular skill set, strengths, and passions.” – Dan Shure

“I totally enjoy the broad spectrum of SEO and being able to work together with so many different teams and personalities from different backgrounds and even cultures.” – Bastian Grimm

I like that SEO work lets me wear many hats: a psychologist, a forensic investigator, a negotiator, etc.” – Motoko Hunt

“I’ve been in the field for over 15 years already, and it feels like I’ve tried hundreds of different professions and roles. Search engine algorithms keep changing so rapidly, making us adapt, grow and acquire new skills really fast.” – Aleh Barysevich

“I love SEO because it is never dull. It touches multiple disciplines that range from really nerdy tech to super creative marketing and always keeps us on our toes.” – Arsen Rabinovich

“The disciplines within SEO seem perfectly aligned to meet the needs of people who are technical, or people who are data/mathematics-oriented, or people who are creative/literary. As a result, the industry attracts a diverse set of talented people.” – Keith Goode

“To be great in digital marketing you have to be willing to evolve as both technology and users become more intelligent and demand new behaviors. Talk about never getting bored!” – Ashley Segura (Ward)

“I love the chase of the SERPs and the fact that no two days are ever the same.” – Andy Drinkwater

“No day is the same! My work days range from various industries/topics to a variety of research, audit, and client delivery tasks, allowing me to stay fresh and avoid the feeling of ;having to make the bagels’ daily.” – Chris Boggs

“The constant complexity and weaving a practice that touches on design, usability, promotion, data, and gut. It’s always an adventure.” – Mike Ramsey

“SEO is like having a girlfriend who always keeps on your feet, never gets boring.” – Michael Bonfils

5. Testing, Sharing & Collaborating

“I love the fact that it is essentially a blackbox and no one knows exactly how the algorithms rank websites, forcing SEO’s to constantly test and learn. The constant knowledge sharing, case studies and tests/studies are what excites me about the industry – as an industry we are all banding together to learn more about the intricacies of search engines.” – Jason Mun

“People are constantly learning and sharing; trying to make themselves and others better.” – Patrick Stox

“The amazing people who dedicate time selflessly to doing research and furthering our field of practice.” – Dan Taylor

“SEO lives from sharing lessons and new discoveries and I know no other industry that’s so adamant of using collective brain power.” – Kevin Indig

I absolutely love when I discover something new and get to share it with the rest of the SEO community.” – Dan Petrovic

“I love that SEO is constantly evolving – there’s always more to learn and new things to test out, and a wonderful community of people sharing what they’ve learned!” – Ruth Burr Reedy

“Smart (and lovely) people, doing brilliant and fascinating things that they’re happy to share and talk about. – Andrew Optimisey

“I love the fact that everyone is so open and willing to share their knowledge and up for having a bit of fun whilst doing it.” – Ross Tavendale

“I love how the SEO industry is always openly sharing and discussing their experiments, best-practices, and fails.” – Marcus Tandler

“I love that people spend so much time and effort learning new things just so they can share them and enrich the community. No other industry does so much R&D and gives it away for free.” – Stephen Kenwright

“It’s such a collaborative industry, where so many people who are nominally competitors are keen to share knowledge and insight to help the broader industry and raise standards for everyone.” – Barry Adams

“I love the generosity of the SEO industry. It’s one of the only industries where you’ll find competitors helping each other.” – Annie Cushing

“I thrive on the collaborative community we’ve all built where brilliant people of diverse backgrounds and skills all work together to share knowledge, build useful things and cull out the bunk. I love that we all tackle big, strange and interesting problems, celebrate each others’ successes and occasionally laugh at the rogue noindex tag.” – JP Sherman

6. Helping Businesses Grow & Succeed

“I love helping companies create a profitable internet presence.” – Tony Wright

“You get to watch businesses grow because of your technical (and marketing…that’s SEO, too!) help.” – Mindy Weinstein

“Helping businesses thrive and creating new jobs.” – Shelly Fagin

“Helping businesses grow. That never gets old. – Damon Gochneaur

“There is something very satisfying about helping people grow their dreams. Not that long ago it wasn’t easy for someone with a small budget to be successful. They could not compete without radio or TV advertising etc., but not through SEO anyone has a chance to live their dream. I love being able to help them achieve that through what I do.” – Mat Siltala

“I love to see when people use SEO to grow their business and improve the quality of their life as a result.” – Tim Soulo

“I love helping clients succeed with their businesses, watching traffic convert to sales, and educating folks on the importance of search to their revenue.” – Scott Polk

“Every day, we get a chance to work on one of the most ridiculous, frustrating marketing channels there is and help our clients succeed.” – Andrew Shotland

“The growth possibilities are endless.” – Kaspar Szymanski

7. Solving Puzzles

“It is the perfect storm for my skillset – I have a background in web development, academic experience of AI, and I love puzzles!” – Tom Anthony

“I enjoy solving complex, strategic-based problems, translating executive goals into action plans.” – Alexis Sanders

“The problem-solving aspects are what interest me the most – feeling like a detective analyzing the problem and coming up with creative solutions.” – John Shehata

“Solving mysteries and seeing traffic and revenue grow as a direct result of something we’ve implemented.” – Bryson Meunier

“The detective work that leads to discoveries that help me understand what makes a site rank well and what I can do help sites rank is what I most enjoy about SEO.” – Roger Montti

“I love that it is always changing; it is like a mystery that is never fully solved.” – Cindy Krum

“It’s like a riddle that never gets solved, constantly evolving and demanding you’re at your best at all times.” – Lisa Myers

“There are still problems left to solve, making me an optimist.” – Oliver Mason

8. SEO Changes Lives

“The ability to impact the world at scale.” – Duane Forrester

“I love that for the first time any person, company, or product, has the chance to get near equal exposure as established and successful competitors. Search engine optimization changed the way we look at marketing and customer service.” – Brent Csutoras

“The work can change the lives of those running a business; I love that.” – Melissa Fach

“Connecting users with their needs at the moment they need it the most.” – Kate Morris

“I love SEO because the impact of our work is huge. We make the user and hopefully the companies happy when we optimize websites and it’s content.” – Marcus Tober

9. Analyzing Data & Measuring Results

“I love analyzing data to make decisions to improve organic rankings!” – Kristopher Jones

“I enjoy the balance of data and creativity, while using both sides of my brain.” – Loren Baker

“SEO is one of the industries that allows you to directly see (and measure) the results of your hard work.” – Bill Hartzer

“Targeted, cost-effective and measurable — and long-lasting.” – Trond Lyngbø

“Most of all that it’s easy to prove (through results) that you know what you’re doing.” – Richard Baxter

10. Some Things in SEO Remain Constant

“Everything is always new, while everything is always the same.” – Alan Bleiweiss

It’s always changing, yet continues to adhere to consistent marketing principles.” – Stoney deGeyter

It’s like real-world Monopoly: there are winners and losers and it’s more or less zero-sum.” – Dave Davies

“SEO is an area where hard, smart work can pay off in huge ways.” – Cyrus Shepard

Why do YOU love SEO? Let us know in the comments.

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