You'll Have To Pay To Edit Your Tweets – Digital Marketing News 9th September 2022

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You’ll Have To Pay To Edit Your Tweets – Digital Marketing News 9th September 2022

Finally, the thing that so many people have asked for and waited for is coming. And that’s great news for the fat-fingered tweeter like me.

Edit tweet is in the testing phase. It will be available soon to Twitter Blue users, these are paid Twitter subscribers. 

When you have access to the feature you’ll be able to edit your tweet a limited number of times within 30 minutes of posting it. 

Tweets that have been edited will have a notification below that indicate it is edited. When clicked that notification will lead you to the edit history.

This sounds great, although people will still be able to uncover my bad typing. According to Twitter, the slow rollout means they can see how people may misuse the feature so they can plug any gaps. 

If you’re in New Zealand and use Twitter Blue, you’ll be the first to get it.

Is a Meta subscription service coming?

Social media channels can no longer rely on ads to fund them. That’s why we’ve seen the likes of Snapchat and Twitter launch subscription services. Both platforms offer extra features for a small monthly fee.

And now Meta is working on the same. According to The Verge, an internal memo was sent to employees telling them of plans to launch paid-for features. These could span Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

This isn’t a surprise, we know they’ve been planning to charge businesses for advanced features on WhatsApp, and we’ve seen the Snapchat subscription service take off. It will be interesting to see what Meta do with it.

How does the Meta video algorithm work?

Meta just published an article that tells you how to get more from your video content posted on its channels.

Here are the key takeaways.

Is Instagram Shopping On The Way Out?

Instagram shopping has not been the success Meta hoped for. It wasn’t that long ago that Meta was pushing its product tagging and shop tab.

But now it’s moving away from the strong push on social shopping. Reports suggest that the Instagram shop tab could be on the way out. People haven’t continued to shop online as much post covid making this a less profitable venture for Meta than it expected.

Does that mean it’s back to websites for e-commerce?

There are times when Facebook Messenger groups can be incredibly useful. I find them great for shared networking at events and conferences. Businesses could use them to share special offers with select customers.

Until now inviting people to your chat group was hard, but that’s about to change. Soon you’ll be able to generate an invite link for any group chat you admin on Facebook or Instagram. This is a simple way to invite people without having to friend them, a massive bonus for businesses.

How can you optimise your Instagram videos for search? 

You can add hashtags, you can make sure your description includes keywords and soon you may be able to add topics to your Instagram Reels. 

Spotted by social media enthusiast Jacki Pitkow, you will see the option to add topics when you upload a video. The icon for topics includes a hashtag. Will this mean that hashtags will be part of topic selection?

New! Instagram lets you add ‘Topic’ tags to Reels

h/t @TSbyJacki

— Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra)

LinkedIn Pin Comments

One of the reasons that I’m not a fan of ‘link in comment’ posts on LinkedIn is that those links can easily get lost in a sea of comments.

But comments are great, sometimes people share great insights and ideas in the comment stream. It’s for both of these reasons that I’m delighted to see that LinkedIn is going to allow you to pin a comment to the top of the comment stream on your posts. It could mean more engagement and it could make those pesky links easier to find.

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