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Yoast SEO 15.3: Zapier integration and Hebrew word forms • Yoast

Edwin is a strategic content specialist. Before joining Yoast, he spent years honing his skill at The Netherlands’ leading web design magazine.

Today, we’re launching Yoast SEO 15.3. In this release, we have the regular round of improvements and enhancements, plus a couple of awesome additions for Premium users. We’ve added another language to our roster: Hebrew. And, we’ve partnered with the popular automation platform Zapier to help you improve your publishing flow. Find out more about Yoast SEO 15.3!

Automate publishing with Zapier (Premium)

Wouldn’t it be cool to automatically send out a custom tweet to Twitter after you’ve published a post? Or a Facebook post? Or maybe you have a more exotic destination in mind? Well, you’re in luck as we built a Zapier integration that lets you send out your published post to any of its 2000+ destinations. The Zapier integration is now available in beta for Yoast SEO Premium users.

It’s very easy to use, as you only have to set it up once and then you’re good to go. Simply activate the Zapier feature in the Integrations tab in Yoast SEO Premium and follow the steps to activate the connections. After that, you make a so-called Zap and connect the platform you want to publish to and customize what you want to publish and how you want to do that. After successfully testing a publication, you are done! Now, the Zap automatically runs whenever you publish something.

We built this in cooperation with Zapier and this first edition is released in beta form. The connection is full-featured and should work like a charm. Together with Zapier, we’re actively improving it and preparing a final release in the near future. As always, we welcome your feedback!

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Hebrew word forms support (Premium)

Did you know Yoast SEO Premium has an advanced language analysis that is much better at recognizing your focus keyphrases? Thanks to our word form feature, we also take all the grammatical forms of the words into account. This makes the analysis smarter and even more helpful for you. It gives you a more natural and flexible writing and editing experience.

Twelve languages now have access to this feature, with more on the way. Today, we’re adding number thirteen: Hebrew. As of today, if you write in Hebrew you can use Premium analysis in 15.3 to get a hugely enjoyable experience. All the readability checks now work for Hebrew. What’s more, you also can now enrich your text with synonyms and related keyphrases. This should not be understated! All these tools are fine-tuned to help you build the best possible content, without having to think about awkwardly fitting in keywords to get green bullets.

As of today, the full list of languages that have word form recognition support in Yoast SEO Premium:

Language analysis enhancements

Every release comes with a number of fixes and enhancements and this time, we have a couple of improvements for our understanding of languages as well. For instance, we no longer mark the words ‘annoyed’, ‘depressed’, ‘disappointed’, and ‘upset’ as passives in English anymore, since most of the time they are closer to adjectives rather than passive verbs in meaning.

In Yoast SEO 15.3, we’ve also improved the results for the keyphrase distribution assessment for Swedish, Indonesian, Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi by allowing a partial match (instead of a full match) for long keyphrases (4 or more content words). This should lead to better feedback in the assessments for these languages.

More fixes

In this release, we’ve also fixed a number of issues around the indexing process for your SEO data. There were instances where some users had to run the SEO optimization twice before everything was correctly indexed. Sometimes, we wouldn’t show a notification to reindex your site when the indexing process failed. We’ve also fixed a bug where reindexing via the WP-CLI would not always repopulate the indexables tables. These fixes should make the reindex process more stable.

Yoast SEO 15.3: out now!

Yoast SEO 15.3 is now available for download. In this release, we made several improvements and worked on the stability of the indexing process. Also, Premium users now get access to a huge time saver with the Zapier integration. Do try it out and let us know what you think. Finally, we added Hebrew as the latest language to receive word form support.

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