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WordPress Blogging | WordPress Websites | Digital Advertising | SEO

Do you have more free time now because of working from home? Have you decided to finally start a blog? This could be for personal use or it could be related to your business. At Web Badger, we’re experts on WordPress’s blogging functions, and we want to make your blog dreams a reality. Here are a few crucial tips to create a unique blog to reflect your personal or professional lifestyle:

  1. Write about what you know, what you’re passionate about, or what you’re learning. Your passion will shine through in your writing, which always makes writing more interesting. But – make sure your content is relevant. Your blogs should be relevant to your purpose and show that you’re knowledgeable about the content you’re creating.
  2. Make your blogs interesting to a typical reader. No matter the subject matter you’ve chosen to write about, your blogs should be accessible to everyone. Your audience has come to your blog for a reason; they don’t want to have to look up every other word you write.
  3. Use an interesting headline for each blog post. We suggest that every headline is urgent, unique, useful, and ultra-specific. If possible, the titles of your blog posts should include some kind of call to action. Your content should also be one of a kind and should reflect your own original ideas. Your headline should be useful, meaning: you should write content that is usable, and your headline should reflect that. And finally, your headline should be ultra-specific. Don’t get too niche, but be specific enough that readers will get something out of reading your blog.
  4. Make your content easily shareable. Add social sharing buttons so that your readers can share your blog to their own followers. Make this as easy as possible on your audience so that they’re more likely to share your content!
  5. Your blogs should be easy to read and accessible. Make sure to choose a font, font colors, and website theme that your audience won’t have a difficult time looking at.
  6. Encourage engagement. Add a “comments” section, and reply when you receive thoughtful comments. Building your blog’s engagement will only encourage more engagement in the future.

At Web Badger we want to help you design a blog that reflects you, your work, and your passions. By creating a website through WordPress, you’ve already taken the first step! If you need help designing and/or maintaining your website, we can help. Contact us today to get started!

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