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The poet recalls a trip back to Cochin from her holiday at her parents’ house. It was a Friday morning and that morning she was driving with her mother next to her on the front seat. She was observing her mother who had fallen asleep on the front seat with her mouth slightly open. She could see her mother’s face which was pale and resembled to the nearly white face of a dead body. She realizes that her mother is no longer younger and she has started looking very old. This became very hard for her to accept so, she was determined to shift her focus to something else. So, she turned her face away from her aged mother and started looking outside the window of the car. She started her mother appeared extremely pale and lacking looking at the trees they crossed while driving. vigor. The poet compared her mother’s face with It seemed to her that the trees were running at the winter’s moon which is slightly faded on full speed past her because of the moving car. It winter’s night. She recalled her childhood fear of seemed that those trees would have been young if losing her mother one day, that her mother would they could move at such a fast pace. She also saw die. This fear afflicted her many times before and children coming out of their house with their face again this thought was tormenting her. However, gleaming with excitement. After crossing these she did not let that fear show itself on her face. sights they reached airport. Till now, her mind was She smiled and waved a goodbye to her mother. busy and distracted due to those sights. But now, She gave the assurance that they would soon meet when they were going through the security check, she was standing a short distance away from her mother and saw her old mother. Again her mind was filled with the same thoughts. She could see again and throughout the conversation she put a brave face even though she was agonized within.

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