Why WebOps is critical to digital marketing success

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Why WebOps is critical to digital marketing success

WebOps — a brand’s team of developers, designers, content editors, stakeholders and more — is often overlooked as a nonessential piece of marketing operations.

“By WebOps, I mean a set of practices that facilitates collaboration and automates processes to improve the productivity of the whole web team,” said Steve Persch, director of technical marketing at Pantheon, in his presentation at The MarTech Conference. “The result with WebOps can be cross-functional web teams empowered to deliver to develop, test and release website changes faster and more reliably.”

Websites and other digital systems are complicated, and a poorly functioning web system could prove disastrous for your marketing efforts. That’s why brands need a dedicated team to address issues as they arise and help build trust in their systems.

“A common problem is a corrosion of trust, and that can happen when there’s a lack of confidence,” said Persch. “There’s a lack of fluency, perhaps in the shared tools and processes that web teams are using.”

Websites are digital assets

“In addition to betting on the importance of cross-functional teams in the decades to come, we’re betting on the importance of websites,” Persch said. “We’re betting that websites and web technology will remain central to the success of practically every professional venture out there for the next decade and beyond.”

Persch believes websites have an incredible amount of staying power. The web is the foundation of so many technologies, especially those where it’s not immediately apparent. Channels like email and advertising networks, as well as work platforms, all run on the power of the web.

Brands that view these tools and technologies as valuable assets will more easily see the necessity of WebOps.

web technologies as an increasing percentage of channels
Source: Steve Persch

“If you’re looking out toward the next decade and wondering what skills your team needs to be developing, what channels you should be betting on,” Persch said, “I think that betting on the skills of the web is a safe bet.”

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