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When Should You Start? – Steady State Media – Pittsburgh Video Production & Digital Marketing

Knowing when and how to kickstart your email marketing campaigns is vital for your organization and its specific audience. As soon as you can start, you should. And Steady State Media can help you do it the right way from step one!

Marketing Automation

The whole premise behind sending emails through marketing automation, with drip campaigns or nurture campaigns (which you can read more about on our Nurture versus Drip blog) is that there is actionable data. This means that by avoiding one-off emails, you are creating a string of emails that include actionable items and encourages interaction from customers. It is crucial to make that actionable marketing meaningful. Beginning with the end in mind makes all the difference and helps you achieve the result you are working towards.

Does Database Size Matter?

Whether your database is small or large, you should create drip or nurture campaigns. This begins by forming multi-part content, finding a way to put together either form of campaign, and including actionable items. Whether this is a simple two-touch or three-touch or even just structuring your follow up on emails, the size of your database does not matter. The structure of your email marketing campaigns and getting started as soon as possible is what matters!

Tracking Data

Another important part of this process is the follow-through. This means that you should have data that you can look at and analyze. Track the clicks, track the opens, track the interactions, make sure that your emails are providing information back to you. You want to know that someone is watching your videos, clicking on your links, and be aware of this data. If you can’t track it, you can’t measure it, you can’t do action on it. There’s no optimization and at that point, you’re just guessing. Being able to track this information and using a platform to send your emails makes a huge difference.

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