Weekly Digital Marketing News Round-Up 20th January 2023 - PageTraffic Buzz - SEO, Search Marketing, News, Events, Guide

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Weekly Digital Marketing News Round-Up 20th January 2023 – PageTraffic Buzz – SEO, Search Marketing, News, Events, Guide

We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week that you need to know:

Search Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Google has made a major shift in how users can access individual podcast episodes after removing the ability to listen directly from a search results page. While some see this as a step backward, the changes may mean that Google has bigger plans regarding podcasts. A spokesperson suggested that user experience was at the forefront of this change, but the prominence of YouTube might be a factor as well. Could this mark an intention for Google to become more of an advocate for podcast listening on YouTube under its umbrella? It remains to be seen how these new developments will play out and how users will respond, but one thing’s for sure; Google isn’t holding back when it comes to shaking up podcasting.

Google recently announced a possible bump in clicks and impressions on your reports if you filter by product results search appearance in Search Console. This is due to Google’s new method of tracking products found in page content, even without structured data. Although the uptick started on January 6th, it should remain relevant since Google implemented this change on that date. Many people are relieved by this update as they can now access product results without needing the extra effort to ensure structured data was included– meaning increased visibility for businesses with lower tech savvy. Although more traffic doesn’t necessarily mean more leads and conversions, it certainly gives businesses a better chance at appearing associated with particular search terms. It may not be as significant as structured data would have allowed, but this update will make a difference in providing more accurate information for better analysis over time.

Microsoft Bing is looking to make searching more efficient and specific by testing topic refinements options in the search bar. This feature allows people to query more specifically, allowing for a more tailored result without searching through a broad list of possible results. This addition is similar to what Google Search launched a few months back on desktop search and is quickly becoming an integral part of both searches. It’s great news for users, as they can get the most out of their searches with quicker response times and sharply focused outcomes. Microsoft Bing’s new search bar feature should make searching even more refined and enjoyable than before.

Google is trying an innovative direction approach with their latest Google Maps experiment. They are testing a new map pin with a business photo inside, which works when you inquire about traveling somewhere on the app. This new round pin could make it easier for users to locate businesses and other points of interest on the map, making navigation more efficient. Even better, the photo in the pin can give customers a preview of what they can expect to encounter once they reach their destination. Google’s latest experiment appears to be an exciting new step forward in creating a unique visual navigation experience on its Maps app. All users have to do is run their query and select the best route; then, the pin will display clearly on the map providing readily available visuals to help them find their destination.

Social Media Related News and Updates From Major Search Engines

With the development of the social media space, staying ahead of trends is becoming increasingly important. Thankfully, LinkedIn is here with up-to-date data to help marketers and advertisers stay ahead of the competition. By providing relevant statistics and user insights, businesses can better hone their strategies to reach and engage their target audiences on LinkedIn. At a time when the platforms are evolving rapidly and changing often, this data can provide an invaluable advantage for those ready to take action on the latest industry news. With the release of updated data for 2023, LinkedIn is providing businesses and advertisers with an invaluable resource. By engaging with this data, marketers and companies can better understand their target audience’s behavior and preferences on the platform, allowing them to create tailored campaigns to reach those users.

YouTube is helping to empower creators with its latest round of updates. It’s giving creators the tools they need to fully understand their audiences and customize their videos to make them stand out. With detailed analytics data, users can now get a comprehensive look at what type of content works best for them and which platforms their audience is engaging with the most. Additionally, customizing thumbnails for Shorts will give creators an edge in boosting engagement, offering a simple but effective way to draw viewers into watching their short-form video content. YouTube’s new features are a great way for video creators to take control of their performance and grow their channels. Together, these new features should help YouTube creators achieve even greater platform success.

The news that Twitter has cut off access to its Application Program Interface (API) for third-party apps such as Twitterrific and Tweetbot has stirred a debate across tech and development communities. This move could have unforeseen consequences for users, who may have grown reliant on certain app features, such as themes or push notifications. With Twitter’s new policy, developers will largely be unable to offer alternative methods for accessing the network. Despite questions about why Twitter is taking these steps now, a report from The Information has led many experts to speculate that these are attempts to further control how users interact with the platform. Changes such as these may prove beneficial in the long run, but only time will tell how closely users will continue to adhere to the newly restricted access policies.

PPC Related News and Updates From Major Search Engines

Google Ads is finally rolling out the much-anticipated Performance Max experiments feature. This tool will revolutionize how we measure success in PPC campaigns, with real-time data analysis on specific campaigns that provide feedback for optimization and testing different approaches. By being able to apply changes before implementing a major shift to one’s account, marketers can monitor results over an empirical experiment window and determine whether or not these changes should be applied with confidence. It is an exciting time for performance marketers now armed with the power of predetermined data to inform their decision-making. With this feature, advertisers can test existing campaigns to see which strategies produce the best performance before rolling out those adjustments across all their campaigns.

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