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Types of Digital Advertising | Search Engine Optimization | WordPress Websites | Digital Marketing

At , we’re here to help you build and maintain your WordPress website. We offer elegant web design, full website analytics, and digital advertisement placement to get your website on the right track. Our goal is to help you learn the ins and outs of search engine optimization and use WordPress to your advantage, bringing you new levels of success in your business.

What is? Digital advertising and marketing is the practice of delivering promotional content to users through various online and digital channels. In our current era of technology, digital advertising uses mediums like social media, email, search engines, and mobile apps to show advertisements and get messages to audiences. Digital advertising will only continue to grow and dominate the marketing industry. 

When it comes to different types of digital ads, there are six main types: display ads, social media ads, native ads, search ads, video ads, and email marketing ads. Many of these overlap in their characteristics, and you can use some of these ads together to be effective. Here’s a brief introduction to each of these types of digital advertisements:

  1. Display ads: this is the most basic form of digital advertising and is primarily comprised of text and images. This type of ad shows up as banners, popups, or flash ads on websites and blogs. Display ads do not show up on search results, and they are relatively affordable and simple to implement.
  2. Native ads: these are a bit more strategic than display ads when it comes to placement and audience targeting. These are sponsored listings that are integrated into the feed. Native ads are based on audience online habits and history, so your ads are relevant to you. These are typically seen as being the least obtrusive to users since the content is relevant.
  3. Social media ads: recently, social media has become a huge hub for digital advertising only because of the large number of users on multiple social media platforms. Paid social media ads are basically native ads – they’re supposed to leverage promoted posts and reach specific audiences. These are labeled as “sponsored” or “advertisement”. Organic social media ads are different. These types of ads come from the “influencer” on social media rather than the platform itself.
  4. Search engine marketing (SEM): this is a very dependable type of digital advertising, as it is based on keywords that users are already searching for. Two subtypes of this category are pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO). The most popular SEM platforms are Google and Bing.
  5. Video ads: this type of digital advertising is simple. Videos promoting a business or a product are a part of this digital advertising category. Some video ads can seem like commercials before or after watching other videos on content platforms, or they can be integrated more smoothly as native or display ads.
  6. Email marketing ads: email marketing is an easy way to reach a target audience who is already interested. Building an email list doesn’t cost anything, and email marketing managers are typically affordable.

Marketing your business digitally depends so much on your products and/or your services. If you need help advertising your business, contact Web Badger today! We want to help make your website dreams a reality.

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