Top 13 Online Marketing Platforms to Improve Your Digital Marketing

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Top 13 Online Marketing Platforms to Improve Your Digital Marketing

You might have noticed regular mention of when browsing through the Influencer Marketing Hub. However, the company has recently rebranded and is now Brandwatch. 

Brandwatch cooperates well with agencies to smooth your collaborative processes if you want an agency to take charge of some parts of your online marketing. You can control all access and set permissions while using the platform yourself for the types of marketing you wish to keep in-house.

Audiense has two main products: Audiense Insights, to understand your audiences, and Audiense Contact, an in-depth Twitter marketing platform. Even if you don’t use Twitter, you can use Audiense Insights to understand and activate your audiences. It looks at all your social data to help you understand the people you’re reaching. Audiense Insights applies machine learning to instantly understand who makes up your target audience, by analyzing connections between the people that shape it.

Campaigner offers advanced marketing automation, intuitive reporting, and powerful personalization through email and SMS. They also provide an eCommerce-targeted version that integrates with Shopify and Magento. 

Campaigner includes tools to assist at all funnel stages, from attracting and capturing email addresses through automating and nurturing leads to converting and retaining customers. In addition, you can build complex automatic emails and SMS messages based on activity triggers and subscriber engagements.

Suppose you’re worried about your emails ending up in spam folders. In that case, Campaigner includes Reputation Defender, which keeps your contacts clean, so you can avoid sending to addresses that could potentially harm your reputation as a sender.

You can use conditional content and content blocks to personalize your email communications based on your subscribers’ interests. In addition, dynamic subject lines allow you to customize your subject line by including information you have collected from subscribers, more than merely their names.

Omnisend is an all-in-one email marketing automation platform targeting high-growth eCommerce businesses. You can integrate channels into your automation workflows, send personalized messages, and create your brand as you want it to be. 

As its name suggests, Omnisend provides tools to help you with more than just email. For example, you can combine email with SMS and more channels from a centralized platform. In addition, it includes a library of templates that make it easy to create professional, stunning emails. You can even customize their templates to suit your brand. 

The basic free plan allows you to run email campaigns, sign-up forms, boxes and pop-ups, and reports. With the Standard Plan, you can do everything in the free plan and receive unlimited web push notifications, and more email sends. Both these plans also include limited SMS sends, and you can purchase additional SMS credits if your needs are more significant. The Pro plan gives you unlimited email sends, web push notifications, and extra credits for SMS sends. 

While email remains MailChimp’s signature feature, you can also use it to assist with designing landing pages, creating digital ads, social media marketing, preparing and sending postcards, and much more. In addition, you can use their social calendar to review past campaigns and preview future posts.

Mailchimp incorporates various marketing tools to build your audience, including a marketing CRM, an audience dashboard, segmentation, personalization, and predicted demographics. Mailchimp includes a Content Studio with campaign templates, dynamic content, a subject line helper, and a creative assistant if you want assistance creating content. Mailchimp also excels with automation, focusing on customer journeys, pre-built automations, send time optimization, and transactional email.

Larger businesses could consider the CoSchedule Marketing Suite, a family of agile marketing products that helps you coordinate your process, projects, and teams. Their marketing suite consists of four components: Calendar Organizer, Content Organizer, Work Organizer, and Asset Organizer.

The Calendar Organizer is a “souped up” version of CoSchedule’s free Marketing Calendar. You can use it to see every project on a unified calendar of record. The Content Organizer lets you optimize your editorial process to save time and deliver more; centralize publishing and promotion by connecting your tools. You can use the Work Organizer to implement consistent, defined workflows to speed up production and identify how urgent changes impact proactively planned work. Finally, the Asset Organizer helps you catalog and maintain control of your brand’s assets.

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