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The Top 5 Drive-In Movie Theaters In The USA | ScreenRant

Since back in 1915, audiences have been able to enjoy seeing the latest films at drive-in movie theatres. Although their popularity may have waned a bit over time, they became prominent again during the COVID-19 pandemic as you could watch blockbusters from the safety of your own vehicle. Alas, it might not be easy to find a great drive-in theatre near you.

Thankfully, has managed to figure this out for you. They’ve taken something that could be difficult and simplified it, using things like pricing, pet policy, capacity, TripAdvisor ratings, total screens, and opening periods to find the best drive-in theatres across the country.

Hounds Drive-In (North Carolina)

In terms of capacity and number of total screens, North Carolina’s Hounds Drive-in might not stand out from the rest of the pack. However, it wasn’t opened until 2016, which is much more recent than almost any other drive-in theatre in the United States. Due to that, owner Preston Brown was able to fit it with state-of-the-art technology that is almost unmatched.

In fact, the three 50×100 screens available are actually the largest in the country. Hounds Drive-in is also extremely pet-friendly, making its name pretty appropriate, and there’s a full menu to add to your viewing experience. Throw in the $20 price tag and there’s no wonder this is one of the best theatres to check out.

Transit Drive-In (New York)

Things always seem to be a bit more expensive in New York and that’s the case with the Transit Drive-in as well. At $26, it has the highest admission fee among the best but it has proven to be worth it. The location has been open since 1957 and the Cohen family has run it for four generations, with Rick Cohen currently acting as manager for more than two decades.

There’s just something special about a family-focused business and the impressive TripAdvisor rating suggests that visitors can feel that warmth. Transit Drive-in currently offers up five different screens and has enough room to host a whopping 1,500 cars, giving it the largest capacity as well.

Galaxy Drive-In Theatre (Texas)

While not quite as new as the Hounds Drive-in, Galaxy Drive-in is still newer than most locations as it opened its doors back in 2004. Back then, the Texas theatre had four screens but featured only a single snack bar. Since then, it has grown at an impressive rate, adding another snack bar and three more screens.

The seven screens gives it the most among the best theatres. The two things that might concern moviegoers are that the $24 price tag is on the higher end of the spectrum and the 800-car capacity is smaller than some despite the many screens. However, Galaxy Drive-in gets a major boost from being open year-round, which is a perk of being in a state like Texas.

Starlite Twin Drive-In (Kansas)

The name Starlite Twin Drive-in is fitting for this Kansas location because things get more beautiful than you can imagine once the sun goes down. There’s a gorgeous, clear look at the sky that makes stargazing almost as interesting as the action being seen on the big screen. That’s just the start of the praise for this theatre though.

TripAdvisor has this at four and a half stars, showing that visitors love their time there. Although it only has two screens, it has an outstanding capacity of 1,300, meaning there’s more than enough room to comfortably enjoy yourself. The concession stand features the classics like popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, and more, while pets are also very welcome. To top it off, the price tag is only $18.

Mesa Drive-In (Colorado)

Image Credit: TripAdvisor

Colorado’s Mesa Drive-in is a true classic, having been around since way back in 1951. It is the largest theatre in the entire state and offers up a capacity of 1,000 cars. The highlight here is that this location truly provides the retro feel that some attendees are hoping for when they drive up to one of these theatres.

Other than adding a few new screens (the total is up to three now), most of the aspects remain the same from the ’50s. It has a full menu that is available all day long, welcomes all pets, and only costs $19 for two adults and two children, making it an incredible value and all-around experience.

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