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The Instagram Algorithm 2023 – Digital Marketing News 9th June 2023

How can you get seen on Instagram? The algorithms used to be so simple but they get more complex by the minute. 

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri updated users this week on the algorithm. According to his video and blog post, each part of Instagram has its own algorithm with its own ranking factors. 

But when you look through the list there are commonalities to most feeds. With stories, reels and the feed there are 3 similarities

1. Get engagement and get it fast

2. It will get seen if is similar to other content the user interacts with

3. People who have a history with you will see your posts more. 

That means to get seen, your content has to be relevant to your audience’s interests, it has to be amazing enough that people will want to comment or like it, and the more people who do that, the more those people will see your content in the future.

Reddit’s API got expensive

Twitter started charging a monstrous amount of money for its API (the thing that lets scheduling tools etc connect to Twitter) and now Reddit is following suit with a $20 Million a year charge.

API access for social has traditionally been free. The apps that use it have helped build activity, users, and engagement on these sites. It seems to be a little extreme to go from free to millions. But it’s happening.

If other social sites follow suit this will create a whole new world of social media. A world where you’ll have to log into each account to post and schedule and maybe drift away from the less valuable accounts you use. 

It might not seem like a bad thing but it does mean that social media managers and small business marketers will have to work much harder to achieve the same thing. And that means they’ll have to charge more.

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Find trending Instagram ‘Add Yours’

The Add Yours sticker on Instagram could help you expand your audience. Post a great reaction to someone else’s or start your own and you could discover new accounts and be discovered.

But it can be hard to find relevant ‘Add Yours’ to contribute to.

Instagram is making it easier for businesses to find trending ‘Add Yours’ stickers. You’ll find the option in your professional dashboard. 

Contribute to those relevant to your brand and you could attract your ideal audience.

#Instagram added a new “Add Yours” section inside “Professional Dashboard” to discover trending “Add Yours”

— Ahmed Ghanem (@ahmedghanem)

WordPress paid newsletters

Substack has long owned the paid newsletter space. People can pay to get newsletter updates from you or your business. But now a strong Substack competitor has entered the market.

WordPress launched newsletters last year as a way for .com users to distribute their content. And now they have launched the option to get paid subscriptions for your newsletter.

This could be an attractive new income stream for creators. It could also be a good low-ticket offer for consultants, coaches or trainers to offer.  

Even Elon is into email marketing

Email marketing is still hot, it’s one of the oldest marketing tactics and it’s not going away. Even Elon Musk recognises this. 

In a tweet this week Musk announced that Twitter users with subscribers would be able to get the email addresses of subscribers (with opt-in) so they could continue their community off Twitter.

As long as the opt-in is GDPR compliant this could be an interesting way to grow your list. But does it also show that Musk doesn’t have confidence that Twitter will last?

This platform will provide email addresses of subscribers (who opt in) to content creators, so that creators are able to leave this platform easily & take their subscribers with them if they want

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

Zoom AI Meeting Summaries 

Ever had to watch back a Zoom call to remember how to do something or see what you missed? It’s a pain trying to find the info you need.

Now Zoom AI will be able to provide you with a summary of meetings you’ve missed. Hosts will be able to generate the summaries and send them via email or group chat.

Even better, if you’re late to a meeting you’ll be able to ask a chatbot to tell you what you missed without disrupting the meeting in progress.

What Snapchat does, Instagram copies. 

It looks like Instagram is working on an AI Chatbot, similar to the one running on Snapchat. 

You’ll be able to ask it questions and look for advice and it will also help you create.

It could be fun.

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