The Importance of High-Quality Photos in Digital Marketing Campaign: 10 Reasons

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The Importance of High-Quality Photos in Digital Marketing Campaign: 10 Reasons

Google is known to favor content that is unique and compliant with pressing demands. This is relevant for all types of media, marketing images included. It doesn’t matter whether you want to make a one-page website, an online store, or a large marketplace popular – you have to use top-quality photos to get a higher position on Google.

By improving your SEO reputation, you can manage your marketing finances more efficiently and surpass numerous rivals. Besides, if your page is ranked higher, your conversion automatically increases, while the cost per click of contextual advertising will decrease.

If you have a vague idea of how to use photos to improve search rankings, you should follow the recommendations presented below.

Use a proper image format. The most popular options are PNG and JPEG files. PNG guarantees better photo quality but at the expense of a large size. If this is crucial for you then JPEG is a perfect fit, allowing you to adjust both the size and the quality.

Remember to compress bulky photos. On average, 21% of a website’s total weight is made up of images used. Of course, this has a direct effect on the loading time and if that is unsatisfactory, you should compress large pictures. Fortunately, doing so is easy. You can either use Photoshop for direct compression or take advantage of a WordPress plugin, e.g., WP Smush.

Include keywords in file names. When uploading marketing strategy images to WordPress, you have probably noticed that the Alt tag field is empty. Don’t leave it that way as adding keywords to that area, you have more chances to interest prospects. This becomes even more important if you share unique content like statistics or infographics.

Shun photos used by other companies. Though the variety of stock photo platforms is fantastic, none of them features one-of-a-kind images. Of course, while starting out, you may settle for such content, but if you want to become associated with original and top-notch visuals, you have to take your own images.

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