The Impact of AI on SEO: Enhancing Human Expertise with Five AI-Optimized Strategies | emfluence Digital Marketing

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The Impact of AI on SEO: Enhancing Human Expertise with Five AI-Optimized Strategies | emfluence Digital Marketing

The human mind is hardwired to worry. It imagines all manner of situations to help you prepare for the worst-case scenario. Historically, anxiety prevented us from being eaten by saber-toothed tigers. Today, we are more likely to be worried about our comfortable, office-based jobs being replaced by AI-enabled tools. Somewhat ironically, it’s the people in high-tech jobs that imagine they have the most to lose, with the SEO industry literally shaking in their shoes. 

Yes, AI will impact the SEO industry. And, as with any disruptive technology, there will be some movement in the industry as people react to the new normal. However, rather than replacing human expertise, AI will enhance the value of human knowledge. 

SEO is a Moving Goalpost

SEO has never been an industry to stand still. On the contrary, it’s in the interest of everyone employed in the sector to ensure that search engines keep everyone on their toes. The moment SEO becomes stagnant is the moment that irrelevant content starts finding its way to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), taking us all back to the days when spam-filled web directories pre-dated legitimate search engines. 

While AI tools are being deployed on both sides of the SEO landscape, it’s important to remember that SEO is a very human business. A search engine bot will never buy a product or a service, regardless of its ranking. Therefore, the human experience should always be at the forefront of any SEO strategy. 

How AI Will Make Us More Efficient and Effective SEOs

Search engines have long deployed AI technology (like Google’s RankBrain) to ensure search results are as relevant to their human users as possible. While the SEO industry plays catch-up and develops its own AI tools, the search engines will deploy more AI technology to prevent unscrupulous SEOs from gaming the system. While there has always been an element of black and gray hat SEO practices, it would be fair to say that the guys in the white hats always win in the end. 

In the age of AI, white hat SEO uses technology to drive efficiencies and not quick wins. Remember, in SEO, the benefits of any quick wins can quickly become a burden when its results are flagged as shady.     

In many areas, SEO teams can utilize AI technology to make themselves more efficient and effective without being shady. We’ve compiled five AI SEO strategies to keep you on the right side of the search engine’s algorithms. 

5 AI-Optimized SEO Strategies

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