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The Benefits Of Optimising Your Digital Marketing Campaigns | Force24 Blog

With fresh communications channels seemingly popping up every day, and a constant influx of trends to contend with, it’s only natural for marketers to feel like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders.

And while certainly not short of data, it’s often the case that industry professionals don’t have the time to act on it strategically. Or at least, that’s how the narrative currently goes.

The reality is, any marketing department has the resource and capability to optimise the outcomes of every single email they send. It’s simply a case of prioritisations, coupled with a handful of tried-and-tested tricks.

Why Is Email Optimisation Important?

Providing brands with the ability to engage with prospects and existing customers alike, there’s no denying email is a powerful marketing communications tool.

And by dropping ultra-relevant messages directly into the inbox at the most opportune moment, you have the recipient’s undivided attention – but only for a few seconds! That’s why, for those moments, you need to make the digital content count.

Capturing the attention of your audience not only maximises the opportunity to initiate a conversation and drive engagement, but also opens up new avenues to boost CX.

How? Because diving into data and response metrics to learn which channels are the most successful means you can focus your efforts there (spoiler alert: email will be top of that list).

If you have a campaign that drives 100 contacts to follow a desired action, you can expect this traffic to behave in a similar region to your main website conversion rate (typically 2 to 4%). If you were to send the exact same traffic to a blog page written about the same content, you can expect to achieve 1% of the main website conversion rate in doing so.

Now, if you were to invest a small amount of time developing a standardised landing page template that can be recycled for different occasions, you can expect that conversion rate figure to soar to 15%.

Here’s How To Optimise Your Email Content Even Further… 

If a landing page is built using the same standardised approach – powered by data from within a state-of-the-art marketing automation platform like Force24 – you can expect to convert the same 100 recipients at a rate of about 35%.

But how does this look exactly? Well, if you know anything about marketing, you’ll be aware that hyper-personalisation plays dividends today – and this makes all the difference between a high-flying digital campaign and a total flop.

Just by changing what the user sees when they click on the email – from welcoming them by their first name to pre-populating a sign-up form with the details you already have – you can streamline the experience and boost chances of engagement no end. 

The key to executing digital content in this way is around standardised approaches – and savvy marketing tools are your Holy Grail in formulating these. The Force24 platform is optimised to give you the ability to build advanced landing pages in minutes – with editable templates and pre-built, drag-and-drop snippets. 15 minutes is all you need! 

Plus, with our intuitive Genius Blocks functionality, you can even choose who gets to see which versions of content and when.

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