Star Wars Fans Demand Bryce Dallas Howard Movie After Boba Fett Ep 5

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Star Wars Fans Demand Bryce Dallas Howard Movie After Boba Fett Ep 5

Star Wars fans are begging for Bryce Dallas Howard to direct the next Star Wars movie after her latest work on The Book Of Boba Fett episode 5. The series follows on from the reintroduction of Temuera Morrison’s legendary bounty hunter in The Mandalorian season 2,and chronicles his return to Tatooine to take over the crime ring left dormant by Jaba the Hutt. Written by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, the new Disney+ series is one of a number of live-action Star Wars projects on their way to excited fans.

The Book of Boba Fett episode 5, titled “The Return Of The Mandalorian,” saw the reappearance of characters and plot lines from the previous Star Wars series, with Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin re-emerging as a fan-favorite hero. The 50-minute epic was directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, who had previously directed an episode for The Mandalorian season 1 and 2. Howard, an acclaimed actor and director, is the daughter of auteur Ron Howard. However, she is famous in her own right for her Hollywood career starring in major films from Spider-Man 3 to the Jurassic World franchise. As director of this new Boba Fett episode, which is full of spectacular action and character drama, Howard has cemented herself as one of the strongest voices behind the camera in the current Star Wars arsenal.

Following the release of her new The Book of Boba Fett episode 5, fans have taken to Twitter to praise Howard’s directing and call for the star to direct the next Star Wars feature film. One fan writes, “get Bryce Dallas Howard her own Star Wars trilogy. I am no longer asking,” while another demands “[Howard] needs to direct a Star Wars movie.” The praise also comes from across industry voices, with screenwriter Jeremy Slater voicing his support, saying that “[Howard is] currently running circles around everyone else.” Check out the original tweets and more below:

Howard’s beloved contributions to the Star Wars universe are not over yet. The director is set to return yet again for an episode of the upcoming The Mandalorian season 3, so audiences can expect more thrills and visual homages galore. Until then, however, fans of Howard can see her return in front of the camera as she reunites with action star later this year. There are plenty of options for the director to take part in more Star Wars projects too, however, with in-universe series like Ahsoka, Obi-Wan Kenobi and The Acolyte still to come.

There is plenty of potential for Howard to helm the next Star Wars movie. The franchise is certainly improving its female representation behind the camera, with Patty Jenkins still set to helm a Rogue Squadron movie despite delays. There are clearly still plans to reignite Star Wars on the big screen following the conclusion of the sequel trilogy, even if the movies are becoming slightly overshadowed by universally praised live-action series like The Mandalorian. Perhaps Howard could take her clear appreciation and  universe to a big-budget blockbuster movie in years to come, with a plethora of stories and eras still unexplored on the big screen. Before that though, her acclaimed recent work on The Book Of Boba Fett episode 5 is streaming now.

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