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Silicon Insights: How to Evolve Your Enterprise’s Digital Marketing: Part 1 | Silicon UK Tech News

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In part one of this two-part interview, Silicon UK speaks to Izzie Rivers, the CEO of Realm, an agile media and marketing agency that believes in welcoming change for strategic advantage.

As a technology, media and communications specialist, Izzie has gained vast experience across this trinity of industries, seeing how they intersect, particularly from a marketing perspective.

Realm is a next-generation agency – able to identify trends in a specific marketplace and help brands shape those trends. CMOs can see how the marketing landscape their businesses now inhabit has changed and how customer relationships have evolved. Technology is at the heart of delivering targeted messages that speak to specific individuals and groups.

Focusing on the changing marketing environment B2B companies now navigate, Izzie discusses how the gap between marketing and sales is narrowing and how enterprises need to look at sales and marketing as symbiotic if they are to create campaigns that engage with their audience and deliver the levels of sales expected.

B2B enterprises that are considering their post-pandemic futures are clearly rationalising their spending – being smarter with the campaigns they create and better leveraging each piece of collateral. Izzie explains how cost centres are changing and how businesses can do more with less.

No B2B marketing campaign is complete without factoring in CX. The experiences companies create differentiate them in their marketplaces. It’s a simple equation: get CX right, and your business becomes a destination brand. Ultimately, this reduces churn and reinforces customer loyalty.

Another core aspect of post-pandemic marketing is personalisation. Marketing messages have always had a level of targeting, but today, messages can be crafted for highly focused audiences. The key is to understand your audience intimately. What drives them to buy, and critically, what do they now expect from your business?

Businesses and marketers are also now data enterprises. The phasing out of third-party cookies is upon us. But enterprises are not handicapped. Shifting the definition of marketing and the information that informs each campaign is critical for successful campaigns.

Join us for part two of this Silicon Insight, where Izzie will consider the power of tethered branding and the value of brand advocacy.

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