Rings Of Power Trailer: Prequel Brings Back LOTR Characters & Locations

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Rings Of Power Trailer: Prequel Brings Back LOTR Characters & Locations

The Rings of Power teaser trailer has debuted, giving the first look at footage from Prime Video’s JRR Tolkien adaptation set in the same universe as Lord of the Rings. Quite possibly the most-anticipated television show of 2022,  has been a massive undertaking for the streamer. Amazon first acquired the rights to the show in late 2017 after former CEO Jeff Bezos famously proclaimed that he wanted the next Game of Thrones. Since then, Tolkien fans have been waiting with bated breath as the series has come into focus.

Recently, were released, teasing the epic tale. Additionally, Prime Video released a set of character posters teasing the absolutely massive cast of the show. Along with the posters and the first look photos came the first details about the show’s plot, which takes place during Middle-earth’s second age. One of the most prominent characters will be Morfydd Clark’s Galadriel who was played by Cate Blanchett in Peter Jackson’s original trilogy. Many of the first look images focused on Clark’s version of the character, teasing how central she will be to the plot as Sauron rises to power throughout the events of the show.

Now, Prime Video has debuted the first Rings of Power teaser trailer. The brief, one-minute-long video, doesn’t give away much. Instead, the clip teases the epic scale of the show, highlighting various characters, locations, and events that will be both familiar and exciting to longtime Tolkien-heads. Check out the video below:

While short on plot, The Rings of Power trailer is heavy on spectacle. From what appears to be Galadriel scaling snowy mountains with just a dagger to a firey fight and epic battle with golden armor-clad elves, the trailer doesn’t hold back.  trailer also shows a Harfoot, early Hobbits that have yet to establish the Shire. It is also this Harfoot, played by Markella Kavanagh, who appears to be narrating the trailer, hinting at “wonders in this world beyond our wandering.”

Despite all the disparate clips, though, one thing is clear: . From the clip of her climbing the mountain to a brief image of her riding into battle, the show looks to be following her character closely. This is in line with what was revealed about the plot recently, as Galadriel is one of the only characters who senses the rising evil of Sauron and must rally the denizens of the world to rise up against him. Of course, there’s plenty to parse through in The Rings of Power trailer and with a premiere date set for September, it seems likely that Prime Video will continue doling out jam-packed looks at the show as both new and old fans alike prepare to return to Tolkien’s world.

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