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Basic features of WPvivid

WPvivid Backup Plugin offers backup, migration, and staging as basic features, and is integrating more and more elegant features, such as unused images cleaner etc.

Create a staging site on a subdirectory to safely test WordPress, plugins, themes and website changes.

Clone and migrate a copy of WP site to a new host (a new domain), schedule backups, send backups to leading remote storage, clean unused images before backup and migration. All in one backup & migration plugin.

Premium Features of WPvivid

WPvivid is a plugin bundle membership that incudes 3 premium plugins: Backup & Migration Pro, Image Optimization Pro and Staging Pro.

Together, these plugins offer powerful options to take and store full site backups, compress and optimize images, and securely manage website updates by testing them first on staging sites.

Pricing of WPvivid

WPvivid Backup Plugin has a free version at WordPress.org, but you can upgrade the plugin to premium plans for extra features: Blogger, Freelancer, Small Business or Ultimate.