President Of Korean Skating Union Makes Statement On The Team’s Plans For Appeals About The 2022 Beijing Olympics And Addresses Talks Of A Boycott

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President Of Korean Skating Union Makes Statement On The Team’s Plans For Appeals About The 2022 Beijing Olympics And Addresses Talks Of A Boycott

Despite talks about a potential boycott of the Olympics, it seems like nothing may come to fruition. The internet was ablaze with the controversy surrounding the short-track speed skating match during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in the past few days. Many accused the judges of being biased toward the Chinese team playing on home ground during the game.

The Chinese team celebrating their win, | Yonhap News

Korean netizens, in particular, were outraged. Allegedly, the Chinese team athlete pushed the Korean athlete on the knee…

자, 잘 봐봐 누가 패널티를 받아야하는지

중국이 한국 무릎을 짚었지?

— 콩순이 (@b_kongsoon) February 7, 2022

…as well as pushed a floor marker under another athlete.

Chinese athlete allegedly pushing a floor marker under another team’s athlete during a relay. | 2022 Olympics

Many outraged Korean nationals called for a boycott of the Olympics and criticized China for allegedly being biased. On February 8, 2022, Yoon Hong Geun, the president of the Korean Skating Union as well as the team leader for the South Korean Olympic delegates, gave a statement to the media.

At the Olympics media center, an emergency press conference was called that day for Korean press. Yoon Hong Geun sought the forgiveness of the Korean public.

As the team leader of the delegates, I sincerely apologize and seek your forgiveness. I’m really sorry. In sports, fair play is a crucial pillar. The three judges on site are not everything. It is the entire world who is watching that are all judges.

— Yoon Hong Geun

He also shared plans about the appeals the Korea team will be filing.

After the match ended yesterday, the Korean athletes’ team appealed the results strongly. We submitted appeals to the International Skating Union and the International Olympics Committee.

— Yoon Hong Geun

However, he chose not to comment o the issue of a boycott.

During the controversial short-track speed skating match, Korean athletes Hwang Dae Heon and Lee Jun Seo entered the pre-semifinals but were dropped from the semifinals and did not advance to the finals as such. Although they had been selected to move up during the pre-semifinals, after a video replay, they were disqualified. The Chinese team, who was next in line, was chosen to advance to the semifinals.

[올림픽] 임효준 위로하는 황대헌
Left: Lim Hyo Jun tearing up. Right: Hwang Dae Heon comforting him. | Yonhap News

At the semifinals, the American team had initially come in second and thus were selected to advance to the finals. But after a replay, they were disqualified, and the Chinese team, who came in third, advanced to battle against Hungary in the finals.

The event then became a global hot topic as many contested the validity and potential bias of the judges.

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