Organic Search Traffic vs. Paid Traffic | Search Engine Optimization | Digital Marketing | WordPress Websites

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Organic Search Traffic vs. Paid Traffic | Search Engine Optimization | Digital Marketing | WordPress Websites

Is your business’s website getting the attention it deserves? How can you increase your search traffic? Increasing your search traffic happens when you improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). At , we can help you answer some of these important questions that so many of our clients ask when they first start working with us. Through unique website design, the use of adwords and digital advertising methods, and search engine optimization, we strive to make your website dreams a reality.

We all know how quickly the internet changes; trends come and go so fast in 2022. The terms “organic search traffic” and “paid traffic” are important to understand in general, but especially if you’re trying to increase your sales through your company’s website. Organic search traffic means that people find business links among search engine results (like a Google search). Whenever you optimize your SEO, this influences organic search results. On the other hand, paid search traffic comes from visitors clicking on a link that they see in an advertisement or sponsored listing. These ads and listings are paid for by businesses so that they’ll appear at the top of search results.

Most of us use the same search engine these days: Google. Google offers both organic searching and paid searching, which is one of the reasons it is the most popular search engine right now (and likely will be for a long time). Whenever you type a question into Google (or any search engine), the list of results that appear below ads are the organic results. These appear where they do based only on the quality and content of the page.

Many people consider organic traffic to be the most valuable traffic source. This is for many reasons, one being that Google is the most trusted source for directing internet traffic, and that Google is incredibly particular about their rankings. The disadvantage of using organic searches to advertise for your business is that it takes time to get indexed and to really start generating traffic from Google searches.

For paid search accounts, this means companies have paid to appear at the top of search results, meaning those advertisements are not appearing organically. These ads usually feel natural and unobtrusive, so many customers don’t even realize they’re clicking on something that’s been paid for them to see. Paid search has become more popular in recent years because of this. Paying for advertisements on search engines brings more instant gratification, but it’s still not always as effective as organic searches.

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