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One-Click Marketing Campaigns with Yabber’s Solis Module – BeliefMedia Finance & Mortgage Broker Digital Marketing

Solis, translated from Latin literally means ‘Sun’, and our Solis system was named as such because the feature may become the centre of your marketing universe. The system does in a single click what might otherwise take days or weeks to manufacture, and what others charge thousands to provide (usually using a mashup of dodgy third-party products). Our nested customer funnels provide a deep and immersive experience that will return your business more leads and conversions.

Industry Challenge: It is the Solis module (and associated tools on the periphery) that permit us to promote the ‘Industry Challenge’ (we give me 8-year-old daughter 20-minutes to build a campaign while the competitor is assigned two hours; if we don’t 10X their ROI we donate 10k to charity in their name). Digital doesn’t have to be difficult, and what we’re going to introduce to you is a system that’ll provide an experience that we believe is 100X more powerful and effective than competing ‘lead generation’ products in the market.

In this article we’ll introduce Solis, how it’s used, and why it’s the most powerful system of its kind made available to the mortgage industry. In company with another article that details the top-of-funnel subscription we’ll show you exactly what is necessary to build a high-yield digital experience. If you want to benefit from organic traffic and paid promotion then our system is suitable for your business. If you have ever engaged with the flurry of ‘Facebook Marketers’ or shonky lead-generation companies that provide the simple carbon-copy subscription-based experience and return low-quality mortgage candidates then we’ll show you how to improve upon that simplistic low-performing method by at least a few hundred percent in a fraction of the time.

What is Solis?

From a library of campaigns created by us, a single click will manufacture a landing page on your integrated website, create a branded lead magnet, manufacture forms, create nested funnel landing pages (that are part of the mid-funnel escalated experience), construct an email sequence (with links to your FAQs or articles), and we’ll create links to various other pages, such as your Fact Find, Venus Report, or dedicated Calendar Page. Solis will build an SMS sequence, manufacture other supporting assets, and it will assign appropriate form automation, such as conditional redirects, SMS confirmation, booking reminders, and so on. In essence, it creates a powerful campaign suitable for organic or promoted traffic in seconds.

To provide a real-world example, consider the following campaign creation option:

Pictured: Creating a Solis Campaign. You simply select the campaign and ‘Create’. All funnel dependencies are automatically created. Once the campaign it is owned by you and can be modified in any manner that floats your boat. The entire campaign is “Facebook-ready” in that you can have a compliant Facebook campaign running in minutes.

Submitting the ‘Create’ button will trigger countless actions that generates a full-featured funnel experience starting with the entry landing page (keeping in mind every page on your website is an organic entry point that needs to convert, so the generated form can be assigned anywhere with a single click). This particular campaign will accomplish the following:

The actions described are a non-exhaustive list of what might take place. Campaigns will be added regularly and each will take the customer on a journey specific to their borrowing requirements. The partner funnel, for example, includes landing pages that introduce the value of your partner program and features but only includes five initial emails in the sequence (from here they’re on a prospect list that is maintained via a very different form of escalation).

One of the most important takeaways of Solis is that we’re not using shonky third-party plugins or ridiculous third-party tools such as High Level or Click Funnels. Landing pages are created directly on your website and will always belong to you, email will always be sent via your integrated Microsoft 365 email account, text messages will be sent via your own integrated application, and the entire system is designed to integrate with your broader website experience. The entire build facilitates a real marketing funnel.

Campaigns aren’t reserved for just paid promotion or Facebook, and the forms and panels that are used to ingest a participant into your pipeline are on every page of your website, with the campaign relevant to that page assigned via a single click.

What we’ve just accomplished in a single click is more effective and cost-effective than every single product made available to the mortgage industry, and it starts to expose the contempt the army of Facebook charlatans and high-priced lead-generation guys have for your success when Solis will massively improve upon their result in seconds. We’ve seen one company charge as much as $14k for a one-dimensional subscription-based landing experience by mashing up Mailchimp, Lead Pages, dangerous offshore SMS messaging, and other shonky plugins… and none of it actually belongs to you (and it just provides a basic subscription – it’s not a funnel in any respect).

There is no limit to the number of one-click campaigns we’ll create… and we expect to manufacture them regularly.

BeNet Integration

BeNet is the only marketing AI designed specifically for the finance industry. It works its magic with about every client touch-point to improve upon and course-correct the client journey, while at other times it identifies industry trends and starts to change the shape of default marketing experiences. The AI is one of the dozen or so reasons that our programs have the potential to return far more conversions. Of of the features of BeNet is that it identifies if one campaign will be more effective than any other, and it will swap out default panels on your website with experiences our system has determined will return better results. If activated, BeNet will make these changes without your intervention.

Pictured: BeNet is a global feature meaning that when activated it applies a number of changes to your website when deemed appropriate. The most common change is to the standard Simple Panel subscription form on the front page of your website.

There are times where we’ll manually push a change to all sites with BeNet activated. New Government grants, changes to the property industry, new bank products, and other important industry opportunities present themselves all the time, and we endeavour to push those changes quickly to capitalise on the organic traffic and information-hungry audiences looking for solutions (BeNet may also fire off an automated email campaign).

Campaigns Are Supported By Funnel Dependencies

We provide a holistic marketing services. All our programs are supported by an article service (with those articles made available for your partner article service), social media management, and other optional inclusions such as RBA email campaigns. A funnel is impossible to craft unless it’s supported on the periphery by the compelling content that assigns the necessary expertise and authoritativeness to your experience.

Standalone Form & Panel Creation

There are times when an emerging product or service doesn’t call for a full-featured funnel-based campaign. Sometimes it simply requires a basic subscription, redirection, optional email sequence, and lead magnet – all with appropriate automation applied. First, if you think what we’ve just described is a funnel it’s because this is what most of the lower-quality marketing groups incorrectly identify as such; in reality, it’s just a one-dimensional and very linear top-of-funnel sales funnel designed to simply provide a funnel entry point… it doesn’t craft an experience that develops an Opportunity.

Pictured: Sending subscription forms and simple panels to your websites. The forms applies basic automation, attaches an email and/or SMS autoresponder campaign. The form is immediately available as a drag-and-drop option on your website, or it may be assigned via any of Yabber’s Form Assignment panels.

We provide (or will provide) and ongoing library of subscription forms (both basic vertical forms and the side-by-side Simple Panel) as they becomes necessary. A single click assigns the forms to your website ready to be dragged-and-dropped into any location, or you may optionally use the Form Locations panel to define what forms you would like to show in what locations (a much easier point-and-click experience).

A Note to Clients

As previously advised, a few cases of Covid and some other issues put our development on hold for nearly eight weeks. While this module is available to Alpha users it will be migrated into the as a Beta system this month. As previously advised, the new landing page format requires that we make changes to the templates on your website, so we’ll make those changes when required or on schedule. The former Solis module will be fully retired by 26th September… and the new module will fundamentally change your business.

The Belief system connects your website landing pages, email marketing, SMS experience, follow-up, autoresponders, triggers, downloads, and everything else into the one rational and compliant platform. Because we’re a fully integrated and full-stack solution we can create full and complete campaigns with what is essentially the click of a single button – this includes the landing page on your website, your ads on Facebook, creation of branded lead magnets, creation of branded promotional material and branded video in the funnel, initial emails, all the way through to the follow-up autoresponder campaigns. This same experience is one where we’ve seen brokers spend weeks, and at the very least days, in order to accomplish. Solis is a mechanism to deploy ‘turnkey’ campaigns extremely quickly and easily, and it’ll apply all the follow-up automation and nested funnel pathways that are simply ignored by subscription-based options.

Businesses will often gravitate towards a dodgy (and usually non-compliant) lead generation option because they see it as a ‘easy’ option. The reality is that every cent your invest in a lead gen company is money that you’re not investing into your own powerful marketing presence – you’re introducing a technical and time debt into your operation. Our system is easier, more affordable, and more powerful than the solutions peddled by the pretenders and it’ll return you more business.

We’ve seen people use all sorts of fancy-pants language to describe the very simple solution they put in place to transact potential mortgage clients… and they’re all garbage. The reality is that the system we provide you that’ll generate your onw business is more powerful than the systems that lead generation companies themselves are using… and it’s fully owned by you.

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