Notes Are The Next Hot Thing On Instagram - Digital Marketing News 26th January 2024

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Notes Are The Next Hot Thing On Instagram – Digital Marketing News 26th January 2024

Conversation starters on Instagram Notes Fewer people post publicly on social than before, more people are using private chats. If you’re a social network and you want to retain your users, you better adapt. That seems to be what Meta is doing with Instagram notes. The feature that posts short updates from friends at the top of your messenger inbox is designed to spark conversations, particularly amongst teens who are the most active on notes. This week Instaboss Adam Mosseri announced a test that will allow ‘conversation starters’ like ‘current mood’ to appear in notes. This could result in more group chats, more active users, and more monetisation opportunities. I don’t have notes on my business accounts but it could be a great way for businesses to spark conversations with their audience. LinkedIn removes lookalike audiences Lookalike audiences used to be the best thing ever on Meta, and I was delighted to see them appear on LinkedIn. These are audiences based on an existing warm audience, like a website visitor or an email list. LinkedIn would build an advertising audience of people it considered similar to that source. But now they’re going away. Instead, LinkedIn suggests creating predictive audiences, which seem similar to lookalikes but using fewer sources, and audience expansion. These tools appear to do almost the same as Lookalikes, it begs the question of why they didn’t just update lookalikes to this new format. Get a headstart on Google Analytics 4 & understand the lingo with the GA4 phrase book Get a headstart on Google Analytics 4 & understand the lingo with the GA4 phrase book
New Creator Management Tools on Meta Creator marketing is huge in 2024. So much so that many agencies that juggle multiple creators need a better system. Or that’s what Meta says. This week Meta launched its Creator Management Tools. It’s designed to help agencies get access to creator content and streamline the payment process. I can see this being helpful to both agencies and creators using the Meta platform, but if you are working with cross-channel creators (using TikTok or YouTube) it only solves part of the problem. Mr Beast on X X is doing influencer marketing on a massive scale. It’s recently been courting YouTube mammoth Mr Beast, encouraging him to post a video to the platform. And it went wild, his first video gained 150 Million views in a week and earned him $263,000. What does this tell us? 1. X wants video 2. X hopes to grow its audience using creator and influencer marketing 3. This was a huge publicity stunt for X. At Last – Upload a cover to TikTok via desktop It frustrates me that the upload experience on the TikTok desktop doesn’t match the mobile one. The biggest bugbear for me is not being about to create a cover image in the same way I can on mobile. This week TikTok has started allowing people to upload a cover, which will be a massive help to social media managers and marketers, but still not as good as being able to use their inbuilt tools to label your video. How to Gen Z use Instagram and TikTok We’re always keen to see how younger people use the internet, because, to sound corny, they are the future. So a recent study from Insider Intelligence and Emarketer caught my attention. Apparently, Gen Z prefer to view longer videos on TikTok than on Instagram. Which makes sense of the increasingly longer upload lengths on the platform. They also like watching stories and sending DMs more on Instagram than TikTok. If you are marketing to a younger generation use stories on Insta, start conversations on Insta, but save your longer videos for TikTok. Let Google AI sort out your Chrome tabs If you have *all the tabs* open on your browser right now, Google AI is coming to the rescue. One of the new tools it’s launching on Chrome will group similar tabs together. It will recognise which tabs belong where using AI. Which will be cool, if it gets it right.

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