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Networking….Who Needs It? – Xtreme Digital Marketing Services

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Everyone needs networking!

Networking sounds scary, but it really isn’t.  It’s not about swimming with the sharks.

It’s simply people making a connection by sharing contacts and information. It’s about building bridges and roads and making contacts that can help you. 

A network of people can save you time, money, and energy. It allows you to put the power of what others know to work for you and is a skill you should use throughout your life.

One of the biggest benefits for me of having a professional membership with a professional networking group is the networking opportunity.  I have met some great people that have enhanced my life, career, and business who I hope to know for the rest of my life.

Your local branch is one place you will find inspiration, information, and fresh ideas.

However, emergency networking is difficult.  The time to do effective networking is before you actually need it.  That is why it’s important to be engaged. 

This will allow opportunities for you to get to know others and others to get to know you.  Networking is a continuous process that should be done frequently.

Start Small With Networking

Stay in touch with your contacts and get their advice on simple topics such as good restaurants, movies, books, etc. Then when you need something really important, like a job, you’ll feel much more comfortable asking for help and they will feel more inclined to offer help.

Start small at first if the idea of networking makes you nervous. Reach out one-on-one, over the phone, or via email.

Start with a brief introduction and questions to learn more about the other person. Make a clear request if you are seeking something from them (and keep it small at first).

See where it goes from there. Find ways to practice every chance you get.

Have a Networking Agenda

When attending a networking event, try to find out ahead of time who is attending. Decide who you want to spend time with.

Ask questions of those people you meet. Everyone likes to talk about themselves and they will appreciate your generous listening capacity.

Jot down a few notes about the person or common interests that you’d like to remember. You may want to think of a success story that you can also share about yourself. Keep your speech positive and inspiring.

Don’t expect to get without giving. Networking is a two-way street. The worst thing you can do is to take repeatedly without reciprocating.  Remember to send information, referrals, or opportunities to others in your circle. 

Think of it like a savings account. If you keep investing wisely, you can draw from it when you need it.

Remember to follow up with your new contacts. Scheduling a coffee or lunch meeting will offer a no-pressure environment to polish networking skills. This will also send the message that you are interested in maintaining contact.

If you eat lunch with the same group every day, invite someone new and encourage others to do the same. Everyone likes to be included.

Networking In Person and Online

Engage in activities at work that are high in visibility. Volunteering is also a great way to meet new people.  Work with your strengths in mind and in areas that will allow you to shine.

Establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships in person and online is a skill that can be used at any level. Online networking will expand your circle even more.

Use sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and .  Most online sites also offer opportunities to meet in person, which of course is the best way to network.

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