Most Underrated Chris Evans Movies

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Most Underrated Chris Evans Movies

Chris Evans will be starring opposite Dwayne Johnson in the holiday action-comedy film and this is a great reminder that the man can pull off a variety of roles and genres. Having concluded his run as Steve Rogers/Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Evans has ensured that he’s not been far from our screens. Following a quiet 2021 where he only had a couple of surprise cameos, the actor has another big year ahead – Evans will be voicing Buzz Lightyear in and his next live-action film, The Gray Man by the Russo brothers, is in post-production.

If you’re missing Evans’ talent on-screen and can’t rewatch the MCU films and Knives Out anymore, here are a few of his films you may have missed. These nine films may not win a perfect score, but they are all riveting to watch and are great platforms for Evans to shine.


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In this early noughties film, Evans plays Ryan, an average guy sulking over his recent ex when he makes the mistake of taking a call from an unknown number. No, Ryan doesn’t fall prey to a scammer; on the other end of the line is Jessica Martin (Kim Basinger) who enlists Ryan’s help to save her son and rescue her from kidnappers. Cellular is an action-thriller, but it’s more memorable for its comedic elements. Evans expertly plays a character who is completely out of his depth but who cannot, in good conscience, turn down a cry for help. It’s hard to make a character who spends the majority of his screen time attached to a phone and a steering wheel compelling, but Evans makes it work with his frantic yet balanced performance.


8. Gifted


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Gifted is a stark departure for Evans. He plays Frank, a man who takes in his niece, Mary (Mckenna Grace), and realizes that she’s a child prodigy whose genius needs nurturing. But Frank is soon drawn into a custody battle with his own mother. This film is a tearjerker, which is understandable given the domestic theme. Evans and Grace have wonderful chemistry to create a believable guardian-child dynamic. Frank is one of Evans’ most emotional roles, but he tones down the melodrama that would otherwise have nudged it towards cringy. This is a different side to Evans with no action, and it allows him to flex his acting skills. The best part of Evans in Gifted is that he knows when to step back and let the spotlight shine on his young co-star.


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Before he was Captain America, Evans played a different kind of superhero in Push. The film is set in Hong Kong where a group of psychics utilize their different abilities to take down a shadowy organization hellbent on hunting down their kind. Push is a grungy, frenetic action film with a large cast of characters. Evans plays Nick Gant, a down-on-his-luck American who is pulled into a grander conspiracy. If you want to see Evans pull off his best version of a beleaguered, embattled hero who is making things up as he goes along, this film is for you. We know Evans can make playing a heroic protagonist look easy, but in Push, he’s also able to emphasize Nick’s feelings of isolation and his hesitancy to enter a fight he’s not prepared for.

6. Fierce People


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Message therapist Liz (Diane Lane) and her son, Finn (the late Anton Yelchin), move into the estate of a wealthy client and his family so she can continue her work. Finn befriends the youngsters of the family but what should be a fun summer getaway turns into a nightmare for the young man. Chris Evans plays rich kid Bryce in Fierce People and the role feels like a precursor to his character in Knives Out. Bryce is charming and snooty, which comes with the territory of his privilege. But the layers of evil that simmer beneath that enigmatic veneer is something to behold. There is a particularly intense scene in the third act between him and Yelchin that brings Evans’ chilling performance to the forefront. The film highlights Evans’ skills playing a devious and duplicitous character. Bryce isn’t likable, but Evans is a marvel to watch (excuse the pun).

5. Sunshine


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Set in a future where the sun is dying, Sunshine follows a team of astronauts tasked with reigniting the sun. The trip is difficult – the crew is stuck together in a cramped space on a high-stress mission. Tempers are fraying when they’re suddenly called on to take a detour. Sunshine is cerebral and contemplative but also a divisive science-fiction film. But it’s worth a watch, especially for the characters. Evans plays Mace, an engineer barely keeping it together. He is particularly good when he’s antagonistic towards Capa (), especially in contrast to how well Mace gets along with the rest of the crew. Evans’ final scene as Mace is one of his finest. He captures the gravitas of his character’s circumstances and adds numerous layers to a secondary character who could easily have been one-dimensional.

4. Puncture


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Based on the true story of lawyers Mike Weiss and Paul Danziger who launched a lawsuit against healthcare companies in the ‘Safety Syringe Case,’ Puncture dramatizes the proceedings which were imperiled by Weiss’ substance abuse problem. Puncture is a muddled film, but it has a lot to say about the American healthcare system. Evans plays Weiss, and it is one of his most dramatic roles to date. The film came out the same year as Captain America: The First Avenger which demonstrates Evans’ range. As a character, Evans is able to play Weiss as belligerent and determined, but also as a person who is losing his battle with addiction. It’s a powerful performance and very effective thanks to the nuance Evans brings to each scene.

3. What’s Your Number?


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For anyone wondering if Evans has a comedic streak, look no further than What’s Your Number? Ally Darling (Anna Faris) discovers there’s an ideal number of sexual partners that a woman can have, and she’s already hit that mark. She recruits her neighbor, Colin Shea (Evans), to track down her ex-boyfriends, so she can reunite with one of them. The premise is already dated but once you get past that this film is hilarious. What’s Your Number? tries to upend some of the tropes of romantic comedies with Evans playing the more sexualized character and Faris being a bit of a cad. To his credit, Evans adds a surprising amount of depth to the role. Colin is a playboy with a huge heart and Evans imbues him with vulnerability, alongside playing up the comedic angle.

2. The Iceman


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In the biographical crime film, The Iceman, stars as real-life notorious hitman Richard Kuklinski whose career takes a dive after a botched mission. He teams up with Evans’ character Mr. Freezy who is a freelance hitman, but things go south when Kuklinski’s bosses start threatening his family. Chris Evans is sinister and virtually unrecognizable in this role. However, there’s only so much makeup and hair can do to create a character, the rest is up to the actor. Evans’ turn as Mr. Freezy is a much smaller one than the rest of the films on this list, but Evans makes every scene he’s in count. The character is truly vile which is a testament to Evans’ performance. He’s so good at being bad it’s uncanny.

1. Snowpiercer


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Oscar-winning director ’s first English language film Snowpiercer is set aboard an eternal train traveling across a frozen globe. Adapted from the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige, the film is a claustrophobic and intense analogy of class divisions. Chris Evans plays Curtis, the man charged with leading a revolt to free the tail section from oppression. Curtis is a reluctant and anxious leader, and Evans brilliantly embodies the character’s hesitancy and heroism. From capturing Curtis’ disheveled look to emoting his myriad reactions during the revolt, Evans is a scene-stealer in this film. The role is a mix of action and drama, both of which the actor is well-versed in. Evans has a particularly powerful and shocking monologue in the third act, but there are subtle moments throughout the film where Evans brings Curtis and his conflicting emotions to life.

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Monita is the Marketing Manager of The Walrus by day and an entertainment writer by night. Her bylines have appeared on Fansided websites Bam Smack Pow and Show Snob, as well as on Vocal and Women Write About Comics. She is also the co-host of the pop culture podcast, Stereo Geeks.

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