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Modern Marketing and YOU – Karma Jack Digital Marketing Agency

Social media is one of the more complex concepts for smaller businesses. Social media is an ever-evolving platform, but it has some measurable goals to keep in mind. These include:

More than any other platform, social media can build relationships with customers and generate leads you wouldn’t have thought possible. Plus, EVERYONE is on social media. The average US adult spends 2.25 hours on there every day. And 81% of people use Instagram to research products online. So as long as you’re creating diverse content, setting goals, and using the right platforms, social media can help your business grow and grow and grow.

So, how should you maximize the return on your social media posts? Post with purpose. Social media = social proof, so if someone wants to hire you or make a big spend on your service, they’ll do a little research. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all fair game for snooping. Do you want that snooper to see anything other than your absolute best? Your posts should be engaging without making a “hard ask” each time. Find what makes you YOU and amplify that tenfold. Organic photos, videos, utilizing modern trends and making people care about what you do. You need to give them a reason to not only follow you but keep following. It seems simple, but people get busy, they forget, and social media suffers. Use it to your advantage because if you do it right, it’s another vital tool in your marketing machine.

Okay, so above, we’re talking about social media posts. Like when Levi’s posts on their Instagram, “Happy Mothers Day to all the mom jeans out there,” or something like that. This is different from Social Media Advertising. Mr. Zuckerberg has changed how the world has monetized social media and advertising in general. Facebook and Instagram now live in the same hub, so you have an arsenal of advertising weaponry if you know how to use it correctly. Constantly analyzing and adjusting social media ads is the new norm. You have to know if a photo is working, if the copy makes sense, and most importantly, if someone would stop scrolling through endless Facebook baby pictures to actually click on your ad.

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