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Marketing Automation Consultant Salary (Updated 2022) – SEO Sandwitch

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A marketing automation consultant is one who helps you effortlessly set up and manage your automation software. The marketing automation consultant is liable to integrate several marketing tools into the customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, closely work with you to develop automation strategies, set up data reporting systems, and offer expert advice. 

Over 78% of online marketers say that marketing automation has helped them improve their overall revenue contribution. The scope of marketing automation is increasing exponentially and is expected to grow at a rapid pace in the coming years. Automating your marketing efforts doesn’t come easy; thus, you have to hire an experienced professional marketing automation consultant. 

Ever wondered how much a marketing automation consultant earns across the globe? 

Well, in this article, we are going to learn about the average approximate salaries of a marketing automation consultant. 

Let’s begin. 

Here are a few frequently asked questions about marketing automation. 

1- What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the process of employing automation solutions to effectively manage the overall marketing procedures of a business enterprise. It is a simple technology that automatically works multifunctional campaigns and marketing processes across various channels. With the aid of marketing automation, organizations can target and segment their customers with automated content across email, messages, social media, the web, and many other ways. Automating the overall marketing processes efficiently helps with quality lead generation, nurturing them, converting them into actual sales, and measuring return on investments (ROI) on campaigns. 

2- How much does a marketing consultant manager earn?

On average, the marketing consultant manager earns $79,798 per annum. 

3- What are the factors that affect the salary of a marketing automation manager?

The salary of a marketing automation manager depends on various factors like experience, location, total no. of hours dedicated, software used, noticeable changes in the KPIs, and many more. 

4- What are the responsibilities of a Marketing Automation Consultant?

A marketing automation consultant performs many tasks to get quality traffic and leads and maximize the return on investments. The responsibilities of a marketing automation consultant include building and designing automated email marketing flows along with the email campaigns, brainstorming with other employees for new and converting marketing ideas, creating & scheduling posts for organic social media to reach, and analyzing campaign analytics in order to measure the performance of the campaigns and identifying weaknesses, conducting A/B split tests of marketing assets to enhance the campaign performance, and effectively manage all the other duties related to digital marketing. 

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5- What are the top skills required by the marketing automation consultant?

A marketing automation consultant must develop multiple marketing and technical skills and qualities. The consultant should be both analytically sound and creative. A marketing automation specialist must have effective and efficient management and specific communication skills. They should be a team player as it involves many other employees working towards the same project. 

Here are the top skills required by the marketing automation consultant. 

6- Which marketing automation tools are widely used by professional consultants?

There are numerous marketing automation tools available in the market. The marketing automation platforms offer all the automation tools a business needs in one solution. The group of multiple marketing automation tools is called a Martech shack or a marketing stack. The widely used tools include Marketo, Eloqua,, Constant Contact, HubSpot, ExacTarget / Pardot, and Userfox. 

A Marketing Stack contains. 

7- What are the benefits of marketing automation?

Automating your marketing efforts is a great deal and is associated with multiple benefits for the brand in the form of awareness and visibility. Marketing automation helps eliminate the duplication of resources and focus on other crucial aspects. Automation allows you to be super-efficient with your time and money. 

Here are the benefits of marketing automation for your business. 


The scope of marketing automation is increasing at a rapid pace, and many companies have started leveraging the power of automation. Automating your marketing efforts helps you save time and money and allows you to focus on more critical aspects of your business. In order to enjoy the perks that come from marketing automation, hiring a skilled and experienced professional marketing automation consultant is the key.

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