June Highlights: Digital Marketing and Industry News

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June Highlights: Digital Marketing and Industry News

The weather isn’t the only thing heating up this past month! Social media companies are continuously trying to keep users interested by providing updates and making improvements to their platforms. Read on for all the important social media and industry news from June that you need to know about.

YouTube has published a 55-page “Culture and Trend” report. The report includes insights from 10 countries, provides perspective on what’s driving the latest Gen Z video trends, and can help with making a digital strategy. One of the major observations from the report showed that 65% of Gen Z find the personal relevance of content to be more important to them rather than big trends and news other people are talking about. Gen Z is also big on creativity, finding interest in creators that are multi-formatted and they look to work together by connecting in a creative community.

Instagram is continuing to compete with TikTok as they experiment with a full screen format for its video and image content. As Instagram is Metas closest competitor to TikTok, it makes sense for the platform to fully immerse itself in this format. Instagram continues to compete with its Reels, which now make up 20% of all time spent on Instagram. However, photos and stories are still vital to the Instagram platform, and they are still working to improve how they appear in the full-screen feed.

Industry News

As Amazon Prime Day is coming up July 12 & 13, Amazon has announced a second Prime shopping event called “Prime Fall” in Q4. Adding the second addition hopes to boost sales and gain subscribers. The annual Prime Day seems to be losing some momentum, so this could help keep the excitement going as well as help retailers clean out more of their inventory before the holidays.

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