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How to Set Up Product Labels and Badges in WooCommerce – Website Design Baltimore | SEO Baltimore | CGS Computers

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 06:49 pm

WooCommerce has some good default views, but custom badges and product labels will take your store to the next level.

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You already know that business customers buy products for a variety of reasons. The items in your store may be cheaper than your competitors, offer better shipping costs, stockpile items faster than anyone else, or have your best product to sell. 

One way to showcase your products and benefits on the shop and product pages is to use a plugin called Custom Product Labels & Badges for WooCommerce. This plugin gives you a series of informational tags that can quickly communicate to the user.

You are probably familiar with the SALE label that WooCommerce gives us by using the default version. What if you want to show the exact percentage amount of this offer?

You also know about the featured option for WooCommerce products. Yes, they show up in the featured product shortcode, but what if you want the store to display these featured products differently, like with a custom tag?

There are millions of examples of ways to improve your product page (and individual product pages) by creating multiple product images. Fortunately, some snippets and plugins can help you with this.

An example of the types of labels and badges you can add to your product list | Image Credit: Custom Product Labels & Badges for WooCommerce

How to Set Up Product Labels and Badges

The WooCommerce product label plugins are an excellent way for creating fun labels for your store. The plugin will help you quickly develop badges and capture customers’ attention with constant offers and deals in your store. You can use the plugin to promote specific products or simple categories of products.

The plugin has an easy-to-use interface to help you work with labels on each product and the entire site within the store. In addition, some criteria will help you choose the right brand name. In addition, by using individual product classifications, you can exclude a particular product from international standards.

The plugin does have a monetary cost, but a small investment can lead to higher click-through rates and, therefore, higher conversion rates. Below are some reasons for using product labels and badges.

Reasons to Use Product Labels & Badges 

You may be wondering why the use of product labels and badges as a marketing tool is becoming more and more popular?

First, WooCommerce product badges will showcase your products from other product markets in search results found by customers. With millions of WooCommerce stores running simultaneously, you need something unique to grab customers quickly, so they don’t keep moving.

Second, badges are a concise and effective way to promote your products and capture customers’ attention by browsing product pages. You don’t need a lot of words that don’t bother people to read sometimes; you want to point out the most exciting idea you want to convey.

The SALE label is an excellent example of this. Compared to sending personal emails to everyone, a simple “50% off” tag is required on your products, even if customers know you don’t think they’ll see the promotion.

In addition, the use of badges is a great way to encourage customers to spend more time on your products, which translates into sales. By coloring your stores with all these images, the chance of selling many products will be much higher than when browsing regular pages.

Now that you know why to use the WooCommerce product labels plugin, let’s go through some standard badges that store owners can use.

New Arrivals

Product labels with this tag identify your website’s new products that appeal to customers interested in getting ahead of the curve. Be sure to use bold colors and use capital letters.

Best Seller 

This type of e-commerce product label showcases popular products, which enhances social branding as consumers recognize many other people who have purchased the item.


If a product is top-rated and is sold out and upon the requests of your customers to re-stock in the product line, it’s worth having a label to showcase.


To attract customers’ attention to a product advertisement, a pre-order badge is a great way to encourage people to buy first. It also tells the entrepreneur what to expect when promoting a product.

Limited edition

Whether you’re only finding a few items on your shelves or want to remove a persistent item from your search, this label indicates you need to hit urgently. 

Deal of the day

Do you like the changes that sales have made? This symbol shows them on your page, encouraging customers to complete a purchase before that offer is held back.

An excellent WooCommerce product label provides a lot of potential for increased sales and conversions, especially if you’re adding it as part of your current marketing strategy. By combining WooCommerce product tags to promote broad, limited, and term brands, you showcase your content and make it easier for shoppers to find.

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