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How to create an ideal client profile for your website and business

A user persona is the most important reference point in your business stack. Ideally you need a comprehensive profile of your ideal client, including information on their demographics, which media they consume and which influencer they follow and most importantly what their pain points and possible objections are.

Here are three key reasons why it’s important to have an ideal client profile for your website.

1. Ensure your talking to the right customer

Before you spend time and effort producing any kind of content you need to make sure you’re talking to the right person. Who does your product or service best serve? How does your product or service solve the specific pain points of that user? What kind of a person is your target user?

2. Understanding your client better.

A client profile allows you to understand your target client and build all your content and marketing activities around this user. This includes using the right tone and language in your copy, and ensuring that you are communicating the value that you can provide to your target clients.

3. Being customer centric in all your website content creation.

As a business owner, your job is to serve your client in the best way possible. This means not only solving their problem, but understanding them and building relationships with them that allow you to be their guide for specific problems. Creating a client profile will allow you to be client centric in all your business related activities. It will strengthen your relationship with your client, let them know you understand their pain and what problem they need solving and it allows you to solve that problem with an outstanding level of service. 

In this post I thought I’d give a little love to Google fonts in this blog post as they’ve been serving my clients well in 2022. I’ll just briefly give an overview of what Google fonts are, why I love using them in client projects and a few examples of how you can get your google fonts looking extra fresh and unique, so you can stand out from the other millions of sites using Google fonts.

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