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1. After 12th Boards: You can start your career as a content writer after 12 th . There are many companies who hire content writers who just passed out their boards.

2. After College: You can also go for a content writing job after completing you college degree. Companies usually prefer them who have a Bachelors ‘degree on English or in Mass communication. That does not mean that a science background owned student can’t opt. for these jobs. As long as you have a good writing ability, a good sense of language and research
ability you can do it. Some companies notice it some not. But that isn’t our area of discussion because you do not pass your college now as I am suggesting you it as a career option so, I will make this conversation fruit full for all 12th pass out students.

3. Doing any special Course for Content Writing: There are many institutes where you can learn about content writing. Online and offline both modes are available.

4. A Proficient Sense of Language: In content writing language is the soul of it and if you don’t have a proper knowledge about it you can easily ruin it. Every company will first see your writing ability.

5. A Creative Mindset: Some people are creative, some are not but in most of the jobs do not require creativeness but there are certain fields where you need a sort of creativeness.

6. Ability to Research: Only writing skill cannot give you fame as a writer, it will important but still you need your ability of research, so what is needed to do here? You must have a sound research ability which will help you to be upgraded as a content writer.

7. A good Internet Connection is Needed: If you want to pursue a career in content writing you must have a good internet connection because without that one cannot post anything on internet.

If you want to pursue a career in content writing you must have a good internet connection because without that one cannot post anything on internet.

1. Freelancing: Freelancing is a great career for a content writer. They can write content for one person or many at a time. They can make their own portfolios and send them to as much companies as possible. If you increase your writing ability, someone will notice you and you will be hired.

2. Private Companies: Freelancing is a great career In private companies and MNC they hire content writers you can apply their and join there for your job. 

Let’s talk about the pros and cons. There are many pros and cons.

i. Work from job opportunity.
ii. Flexible timing.
iii. Working from your comfort zone.


i. Your eyes will be in danger.
ii. Enough disappointing and boring.
iii. Sometime you don’t want to write but have to write.
iv. Drainage of energy.
v. Pushing your limits always.

If you are a student and want to earn extra money then content writing is for you. But if you are not interested in writing and find it dramatic and boring then you have to find another option.
Hope this article will help you to shine in life as a content writer.
Thank you and good luck.

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