Halo TV Show Trailer Teaser: Best Look Yet at Master Chief's Full Armor

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Halo TV Show Trailer Teaser: Best Look Yet at Master Chief’s Full Armor

The teaser for the upcoming trailer for the Halo TV series offers the best look yet at the full costume design for the live-action Master Chief. The series is adapted from the ever-popular XBOX game franchise of the same name, which first came to the market in 2001. It is set in the 26th century and centers on a group of soldiers, including the super-soldier Master Chief, who are engaged in combat with an alien menace known as the Covenant.

The helmeted Master Chief will be brought to live-action for the very first time in the series, played by ‘s Pablo Schreiber. He is joined by Natascha McElhone as Dr. Catherine Halsey, Yerin Ha as Kwan Ha, Charlie Murphy as Makee, Shabana Azmi as Admiral Margaret Parangosky, and Bokeem Woodbine as Soren-066. Although details of the plot of the series remain thin on the ground, it is said to be following a plotline separate from that of the games, showing a different side to Master Chief. The Paramount+ show is expected in 2022, though there is no release date confirmed just yet.

On Twitter, the official Halo account just posted a teaser for the trailer dropping tomorrow during halftime at the AFC Championship. Although the 20-second teaser is just a taste of some of the live-action designs that will be displayed in the full trailer, rather than showing any plot or character details, it does offer the fullest look at Master Chief yet. Most previous promotional material has focused on his iconic helmet rather than his entire costume. The trailer also ends with the first dialogue from the show’s version of Cortana, who is played by Jen Taylor, the same actress who provides the voice for the games. Check out the teaser below:

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This teaser is actually quite robust in terms of what pre-trailer clips are usually willing to show. A typical trailer tease will focus on one shot, or a murky image of one character not in motion, rather than several full shots that seem to be from specific scenes series. Although the focus of the series isn’t going to be the design of the armor, weapons, and spaceships, all of those things are incredibly important in ascertaining the way the show has been converted to live-action, so this video, though short, offers a lot of intriguing information.

Assuredly, many of fans’ burning questions about the Halo series will be answered by tomorrow’s trailer. In addition to giving insight into how the show will operate in terms of character and performance beyond the exterior design elements, there will likely be many clues as to exactly what elements of the games the show will be incorporating into its overall arc. Likewise, it is almost certain that a release date will be announced along with the new trailer, considering the promise that the show will premiere sometime during Q1 this year, which only has two months remaining.

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