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Get Serious about Digital Marketing with Batch Activations | Lumavate

Calling all Digital Marketers. It’s time to talk about Batch Activations. 

Digital Marketer pros know data is crucial, and attribution is one of the best metrics to make informed business decisions. So it is time to get the data you need and work smarter with Batch Activations. 

Batch Activations are a collection of activation methods pointing to the same digital experience. It allows Studio users to create multiple QR Codes, links, and text keywords that they assign to different marketing campaigns and track how often they are used. 

Think big and small when it comes to Batch Activations. 

Batch Activations open the door to better, more refined user data. By utilizing Batch Activations, you know that table tents were not an effective use of budget, and you can cut them from the event next year. You might also learn that many users activate your wayfinding experience from certain intersections, and you need to increase signage in the building. And, of course, you’ll discover that the coffee mug you sent in your ABM Campaign drove more engagement than an email series (no matter how clever the subject line was).

By simply creating and tracking Batch Activations, you are arming yourself with real and insightful data to better serve your customers. Ultimately, this could save your company some cash without sacrificing results (isn’t that what we’re all trying to do at the end of the day).
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How do Batch Activations work?

Setting up Batch Activations is easy, and all activation data is collected in the Studio, making it easy to track. Before you begin setting up Batch Activations you must have your marketing strategy ironed out, so you know how many activations to create. 

For example, do you want to track signs versus table tents at an event? You need two activations. But you could take it one step further – maybe you want to track which sign at the event drove the most engagement. Then you will need an activation, let’s say a QR Code, for each sign. Don’t forget to clearly mark which QR Code belongs to each sign so you can analyze your data later.

With Batch Activations, you can choose to get as detailed as you want or stay closer to the surface to capture high-level data. Either way, you’re capturing important audience information that will make you look like the hero and an informed Digital Marketer in your next team meeting.

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