From SEO to social posting, this collection is a digital marketing masterclass for under $50 | VentureBeat

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From SEO to social posting, this collection is a digital marketing masterclass for under $50 | VentureBeat

Digital marketing is an area where many business owners and entrepreneurs can start feeling very outgunned very quickly. With so many avenues for their brand messaging, touching so many audiences with so many different voices to consider, outreach can turn into a lot of second guessing and anxiety, not to mention wasted hours, if they aren’t entirely comfortable in what they’re doing.

All those variables can become a lot more streamlined with the training found in The Complete Digital Marketing Super Bundle — a giant package of hardcore knowledge that can help virtually any marketer get a grasp on the tools and tactics available to become a true online marketing expert.

The collection lives up to the super name, featuring 14 different courses and 52 hours of instruction covering the wide range of outreach methods any brand manager has to conquer to get the most out of their marketing efforts.

The study begins with the Social Media Manager course, a sound introductory playbook for positioning a brand to literally billions of social media users. This training can help get accounts set up on all the most influential platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as help craft a strategy for posting content that resonates with each unique audience.

With that overview in place, several accompanying courses start to look more closely at each of those platforms and their individual strengths and weaknesses for reaching customers. Courses cover how to grow and promote a brand through tried and true social channels like Instagram and YouTube, as well as newer, often younger audiences found on Snapchat and TikTok.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can make all the difference in getting noticed, so a trio of courses delve into optimizing content on WordPress websites as well as video SEO on Google. There’s a set of courses in learning how to profit from Google and Facebook Ads, plus courses in setting up strong email campaigns with MailChimp and mastering Zoom video conferencing for all your digital marketing concerns.

The coursework found in The Complete Digital Marketing Super Bundle would usually set users back almost $2,800, but right now, the entire collection is available for less than $3 per course at just $49.99.

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