Facebook Work Accounts – Digital Marketing News 17th February 2023

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Facebook Work Accounts – Digital Marketing News 17th February 2023

At last – Meta Work accounts

One of the biggest sticking points I see for employees managing business pages for organisations, is having to connect their personal Facebook to the business account.

This resulted in many businesses creating dummy, shared password Facebook profiles. In 2022 Meta started cracking down, and closing down these shared accounts.

Now, finally it’s addressing this issue and is starting to roll out ‘Work Accounts’ for organisations. These will be organisation-owned business accounts that can be accessed by employees with their work email addresses.

We could be waiting a while for access. Their announcement on the developer’s blog says it will roll out to a ‘limited number of businesses in 2023′.


Find out more about why you’re seeing an ad on Meta

Ever wonder why you see the ads you do on Instagram and Facebook?

You can click the 3 dots at the top of an ad to find out. But until now the information you see there has been pretty basic.

But that’s about to change.

Meta is updating this to show you more information about both the advertisers targeting, and how the AI decided you fit into a targeting.

This will include posts and pages you engaged with, and the websites you visit off Meta.

Boosting posts is a way for social networks to introduce businesses to the power of ads, and for businesses to create ads without having to navigate all the tech.

And now TikTok is adding new features to its ‘Promote’ tool.

There will be new ad goals, including getting messages and getting profile views and you’ll be able to target users based on location.

You’ll also be able to promote the videos creators make for you.

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TikTok’s Engagement Rate is Shrinking

TikTok rules engagement rate. That means more people who see your videos are actually engaging with them there than on any platform.

To give you an idea, Instagram’s average engagement rate is 0.6% where as TikTok is 4.35%.

This sounds great but it may not be sustainable. According to the Social Media Industry Benchmarks report from Social Insider, TikTok engagement rate is on the way down.

Will this trend continue?


Reply with a Short on YouTube

Old-school YouTubers will remember an era when you could reply to videos with other videos, it looks like this feature is making a return. But this time with shorts.

Replying with a short could help you attract more subscribers to your own channel, and help you stand out in the comments of the people you follow.


Will live-stream shopping ever take off outside China?

First Facebook, now Instagram is killing live stream shopping.

Could this mean that outside China, it just won’t work?

I don’t think so.

Amazon shopping is big in the US and YouTube is still working on it. Could it just be that Facebook and Instagram were too early to the party?


One of the joys of Be Real is its simplicity. But that poses a problem for both marketers and Be Real’s business growth.

How can they be profitable when their app is essentially people sharing a candid photo a day? There’s no room for ads.

Things could be set to change as Be Real looks to be adding its first additional feature.

Spotted by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, you could soon add a Spotify music track to your post.

If this is the first of many new features Be Real could have a future, although I’m sure purists will hate it.

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