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The term “Shoppertainment” refers to how brands increase sales by offering more exciting and engaging shopping experiences. It is a combination of the words “shopping” and “entertainment.” Read on to learn how pharmaceutical companies can make the best of it.

Have You Heard About Shoppertainment?

Shoppertainment is the content-driven commerce that integrates content and community to produce extremely immersive shopping experiences while initially aiming to amuse and educate.

In other words, it is the fusion of entertainment and e-commerce to draw in customers and boost sales. It appeals to customers who want emotional and authentic brand content fueled by experiential interaction.

When Did The Word Shoppertainment Start?

Around 2019, the phrase “shoppertainment,” specifically, began to circulate in e-commerce discussions.

The phrase was first used by Southeast Asian e-commerce, Lazada, which redefined online shopping with a focus on livestream events, interactive features, and games.

They have completely embraced the customer’s desire to “see now, purchase now” and have been innovators in the shoppertainment movement.

Lazada has set the standard for other e-commerce companies around the world by proving that it is possible to engage millions of people in shoppertainment activities and turn that interest into revenue.

Tiktok Releases a New Guide on How to Use The App To Connect With Users And Provide “Shoppertainment”

Shoppertainment is a USD1 trillion opportunity in APAC, which presents a potential to engage and draw in the region’s digitally fatigued consumers.

As per TikTok:

“According to research, shoppertainment could uncover $1 trillion in market value for brands in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region by 2025, up from $500 billion today.”

Customers are more active in six important demand spaces across two core groupings, according to research.

Functional demand spaces. 60% of the e-commerce

value ecosystem. Convenience (Easy for me),

Improvement (Better for me), Validation (Confirm for me).

Emotional demand spaces. 40% of the e-commerce

value ecosystem. Recommendation (Advise me),

Indulgence (Spoil me), Inspiration (Inspire me).

TikTok says that it is critical for companies to satisfy these fundamental, practical needs while simultaneously attempting to relate to the emotional wants. This is how businesses can work together to develop a stronger presence that resonates with today’s consumers.

How Pharma, Health, And Wellness Products Can Use It

To maximize the value of your brand’s “shoppertainment,” TikTok has also provided some concrete, useful tips on how you might fit with these standards in your content. You can download the 28-page Shoppertainment Guide for TikTok here.

Brands should use five emotional touchpoints to engage consumers and stimulate market growth.

The key takeaway here is collaborating with influencers who use pharmaceutical products and share their experience about it while storytelling in an entertaining way. And all of this should be in parallel with a CTA and directing the audience to e-commerce transactions.

This is applicable for products like skincare, haircare, mother care, baby care, personal care, cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, and OTC.

A lot of potential is available for pharma, health, and wellness brands that need to be unleashed! Contact us to unleash its power for you.

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