Ep 058: Be The Change You Want To See! Starting A Nonprofit Is Easy

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Ep 058: Be The Change You Want To See! Starting A Nonprofit Is Easy

Ep 058: Be The Change You Want To See! Starting A Nonprofit Is Easy

by Brad Friedman


Be The Change You Want To See! Starting A NonProfit Is Easy

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In this episode, Brad Friedman and Christian LeFer chat about changing the world through the formation of nonprofits. And Christian’s discovery of a way to get the IRS to act quickly on your nonprofit application.

Christian LeFer is a nonprofit expert and trainer. He is the founder of InstantNonprofit.com and a trainer for 501(c)(3) executives. Christian is a multi-million dollar professional fundraiser, copywriter, board member and volunteer.

In this Episode:

  • Christian talks about his background in issues advocacy.
  • Christian talked about his belief in free markets, free people and how he’s always fought for what he believes in.
  • Christian talked about how his developmentally disabled sister inspired him to be active with Special Olympics and organizations like it.
  • Christian talked about his secret sauce for getting the IRS to approve applications for nonprofit status in less than a year..

Quotes from this Episode:
“Freedom. It’s something that we just take for granted in the U.S. And so I just believed in free markets, free people and have always fought for things I believe in.” – Christian LeFer
“I always looked at the underdog, the people who, um, I need, just need the chance for a level playing field.” – Christian LeFer
“And I just became morally outraged that it’s really easy to start a used car lot uh, but it’s really hard to start a nonprofit and I don’t believe, you know, I believe it shouldn’t be hard to do good.” – Christian LeFer
“How can we show you some love, even though people really don’t love bureaucrats or bureaucracy, what if we could make this person on the other end of that process, feel like somebody cared for, or understood their job.” – Christian LeFer
“I get to wake up every morning and have just an awesome day, even then, even when it’s a grind.” – Christian LeFer


Christian LeFer:
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