Do Likes = Link Clicks? - Digital Marketing News 8th March 2024

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Do Likes = Link Clicks? – Digital Marketing News 8th March 2024

Social media engagement and links Social media engagement and links

Does getting more engagement on your social media posts result in more clicks to your website? No, not according to a report from Memo. It found no correlation between the number of likes, shares, and comments on content and link clicks. Does that mean social is a waste of time? I’m going to say no. Engagement increases your reach which, as long as you are reaching the right people increases brand awareness with your target market. It also proves that link clicks are gold, when someone clicks they really mean it. Elon will hide your likes and retweets Elon will hide your likes and retweets

Elon Musk has declared in a series of posts that he intends to remove like and retweet counts from the feed. It also suggests that he’ll take the icons away. To like or RT you’ll have to swipe left or right, and the only visible metric will be views. Is this a bad thing? Twitter/X users seem to think so. But when Instagram instigated a similar tactic it was designed to stop people feeling inadequate for the lack of engagement. Somehow I doubt that this is what is behind Musk’s plan but it might not be a bad side effect. Get a headstart on Google Analytics 4 & understand the lingo with the GA4 phrase book Get a headstart on Google Analytics 4 & understand the lingo with the GA4 phrase book
Can AI combat trolls? Can AI combat trolls?

Reddit is working on, maybe has already launched an AI tool that will be able to identify harassment on the platform. Discovered in the back end of the Andorid app it seems this AI is trained on previous moderator content. It sounds promising, we’ll just have to wait and see if it actually acts appropriately. Instagram boost update Instagram boost update

Have you ever had a hit on Instagram and thought that you could get even more exposure if you throw budget behind it? But when you hit the boost button it won’t let you because you are using an inbuilt Instagram feature like music. It looks like Instagram is about to fix that. You can now boost a post without music. When you do, it removes the music track on the boost so you can promote without issues. It’s weird but I do hope they roll this out to more Instagram features. Auto archive Threads? Auto archive Threads?

Is it wise for your social posts to live on forever? As a business it can be useful, people can see you’ve been around talking sense for a while. But it can also be harmful. What you posted 10 years ago could express thoughts and beliefs you no longer hold or are outdated. Maybe that’s why tools like Snapchat became so popular. But it seems users don’t want their content disappearing. Instaboss Adam Mosseri floated the idea of posts being archived from threads after a set period. In a poll, users were strongly against the idea. TikTok believes in social shopping TikTok believes in social shopping

The shine is wearing off social shopping. But one social network is ramping up its shop efforts, TikTok. It’s currently adding a feature that will identify similar products to those in your video, making them your shoppable. It sounds great but there is a problem with the products users are seeing on TikTok. Bloomberg has reported many counterfeits appearing and TikTok is slow to remove them. Smart Replies on YouTube  Smart Replies on YouTube

They’re everywhere and they speed up engagement. Smart replies are sneaking in, you’ve seen them in emails and soon you could be seeing them on YouTube. Under videos there will be smart reply prompts, most of them just a few words long they kinda take the place of reactions but will be way more annoying. I give this a big thumbs down.

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