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Digital marketing strategies to retain your audience – MemberWise

Retaining members is cheaper and easier than finding new ones. Better yet, doing it well generates word-of-mouth, brings your brand to new audiences and convinces others to take the next step. But how do you retain those members and turn them into repeat purchasers and brand advocates?

Email marketing

Despite rapid development and change across the marketing industry over the last decade, email remains an effective marketing tool. Typical email strategies include:

And don’t forget the membership-specific email marketing tactics:

Loyalty schemes

There are many types of loyalty marketing. Membership organisations can benefit from understanding the loyalty schemes that other brands use, including:

Loyalty Science Lab has researched which loyalty schemes work, such as those that reward cumulative purchases instead of using one-time discounts and those that are invitation-only to focus on quality rather than quantity.

User-generated content (UGC)

UGC has many benefits – the content is free, it’s authentic and it helps build a community. To plan a UGC marketing strategy, you should:

To execute a UGC campaign, you need to:

Community development

Audiences have moved on from transactional interactions with brands and expect meaningful connections based on shared values. These interactions help to build brand communities which generate word-of-mouth custom and build loyalty.

Using online tools such as forums or apps allows businesses to create a branded space for consumers. Championing the most engaged fans and allowing them to share their experiences helps drive word-of-mouth and build the community.

While social media is a natural destination for brands seeking to build loyalty, a report of ours found that online communities are especially significant for younger audiences and that, after obvious channels to build loyalty (website and email), 32.9% of those polled would also seek print or digital magazines post-purchase.

At the heart of these approaches is the need to clearly articulate brand purpose, mission, vision and values to attract and engage the consumer. You can find out more in Dialogue’s Brand Communities Report.

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